Wang Kexiu

Hangzhou, China
Graduated from Fudan University, founder of Yang Ke Finished Design Co., practicing as Design Director, Senior Soft Furnishing Designer. Project references: Greentown Peach Blossom Villa, Qingshan Lake Villa, Oasis Jiangnan Court, Greentown Osmanthus City, Jiuxi Rose Garden, Greentown Emerald City and other high-end terrace house apartment buildings.

East Meets West

The interior of this mansion, located on the edge of the Fuchun River, uses a mix of Chinese and Western styles. Aim was to do justice to the rich and exquisite history of the home, but still to bring in enoughmodern elements to give the space a new vitality. The living room and the tea room have been endowed with clearly distinct atmospheres. The living room is made up in soothing colors and presents a playful contrast between the straight lines of the walls and soft organic shapes of the furniture. Beautiful, dark HunterDouglas® SILHOUETTE® shades create a slightly opulent texture; Far from blocking the view, the SILHOUETTE®shades soften the incoming sunlight, and provide a frame for the splendidoutside scenery. The tea room is rendered into a modern Chinese style. While the dark Hunter Douglas COUNTRY WOODS® Wood Blinds are clearly a Western element, their neat lines blend in perfectly with the overallclassic oriental décor. By combining a variety of rich materials, a luxurious and stylish home atmosphere is created. Such is the visual beauty of fused Chinese and Western styles, both ancient and modern.

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