Liu Jianguo

Personal profile: Graduated at, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Department of Environmental Arts. Registered Senior Interior Architect with the China Building Decoration Association. Registered Senior Interior Designer with the China Building Decoration Association. Design philosophy: Committed to the development of a space environments that are in line with contemporary lifestyles. Reference design projects: Zhongtang, HongqiLingshi County, Xiaguang Road, Tanfu, Xinyue Ting, Jiangsheng Swan Lake, Shui'an Mansion, Carmel, Vanke Crystal City, Peninsula Blue Bay, etc.

Metaphysical Beauty

In this project, a modern and simple design style was chosen, incorporating HunterDouglas Silhouette® Shades to meet the owner's expectation for his future life. The living room, study and bathroom all have large windows with a wide view. Interior and exterior are hardly separated, so that the apartment seems more open and spacious. The Designer opted for Silhouette® Shades with light dimming vanes in order to shut out excessive light, when required. The S-shaped vanes, suspended between two layers of sheer fabric can be opened and closed in any angle, to create beautiful light and shadow effects. The colour is also in perfect harmony with interior decoration and furniture. There no complications or distractions:whatever the amount of sunlight pouring in, you can always enjoy a quiet life in your home. So, breathe in the natural atmosphere, and the nearly panoramic view throughthe Silhouette® Shades, of beautiful spring flowers, and the outdoor landscape!

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