Window shades: Buying guide and are they worth the investment?

Window shades: Buying guide and are they worth the investment
02 Sep 2020
When we move into a new house, the first thing we look for is a little privacy. Sure, the broad and long windows and the vibrancy emitting through it looks wonderful but not at the cost of letting the neighbors and passers-by peep in when they walk or drive by. Thus, installing good quality shades are and should be a priority. It may seem to be an expensive undertaking to a few, since moving in draws most of the budget, but it’s something you shouldn’t avoid doing. 

Shades being the most popular form of window treatment, it only makes sense to invest in a pair that meets your needs and preferences, along with home interiors. Their elegance, ease of operation, and ability to control the light that gets into your house makes them worth installing. 

When out in the market, you are likely to find ten different kinds of shades that meet your design specifications. Take, for instance, Cellular Honeycomb Shades work wonders as they radiate simplicity and elegance. They prove particularly pleasing to those who want to accentuate their windows in a modern space. Considering the fact that such shades are meant to uplift the general design of your room, its design and color should be your main concern. Having said that, as much as we’d like to show off our newly-purchased home or a renovated room, you don’t want to spend a fortune adorning the window. But the good part is, Roller Shades give a look and feel of costly window treatments, but are relatively less expensive and yet durable. 
Other than this, if you are seeking benefits like UV protection and energy efficiency, go for Roller Shades as they help in maintaining your views to the outside and yet prevent damage to the furniture and floor caused due to harmful rays. Plus, whether we realize it or not, the presence or absence of the right shades can have an impact on the temperature maintained within the room. Hence, energy-efficient Roller shades can do many jobs, whilst helping you keep the home warm and cold during winters and summers. At the same time, Designer Roller shades, too, allow control over light and create a haven of calm with a hint of understated luxury. When you opt for Blackout Roller shades, rest assured that your room will turn into a dark, peaceful space in a matter of seconds, while the Roller Shades will bring coziness and comfort to your interior, and softly filter the incoming light. Besides, these shades are low in maintenance and possess a simple, smooth operation – thanks to the fabrics that it comes in. 

However, before making a choice between any of these shades, consider several factors. Firstly, think about the room where you want the shades to be installed. Then comes the budget part – of course, basic Roller Shades are cost-effective as compared to Blackout shades, When it comes to functionality, one of the latter varies drastically. And in the midst of all this, do not forget the ease of use that shades offer when equated to other window treatments. You won’t have any issues with the control mechanisms of shades. They are convenient, durable, and reliable. 

The cost of each of these shades will vary, depending on the fabric you choose, window size, control type, and urgency of installation. But these, along with many other advantages, only prompt that shades are the most popular window treatment solutions for apartments, private houses, and offices. 

Lastly, let’s not forget – comfort comes with a cost – and investment in shades will certainly help you attain that!