Window Roller Blinds: Here Is All You Need To Know

Window Roller Blinds: Here Is All You Need To Know
17 Oct 2020
Whether it is your home or your own office cabin, you have earned the right to make it look the best and provide maximum comfort. You would have meticulously gone through all the minor and major details to create the perfect home and most impressive office. After having done so much planning and detailing, you won’t let your space be marred by a lack of privacy or incorrect lighting, right? That’s where Hunter Douglas Roller Blinds come across as a perfect companion. In case you are wondering why you should cover your windows with the Roller Blinds.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the benefits offered by window roller blinds which make them a great option.

Benefits of Window Roller Blinds 

One of the biggest advantages that we get with these blinds is that they have the flexibility of matching the room décor. You can get them measured and installed perfectly to suit the windows. Roller blinds look very neat and compact as they are smartly installed without appearing bulky to the eyes. They are also safer than full-length curtains installed on the floor to ceiling windows especially for homes with small children or pets like cats and dogs. For such large windows, we have the award-winning XL Roller Blinds which come in enchanting colours and design options. 

Since they are compact and don’t occupy a lot of space, they make your space look bigger and less cluttered. For large rooms with multiple windows, a conventional drapery such as curtains can appear intimidating, but, roller blinds are a more comfortable choice in this area. 

Hunter Douglas roller blinds are made from high-quality materials and they offer a lot of comfort and health benefits for you. The blinds come in the sheer fabric options and allow you to enjoy beautiful outside views courtesy of the semi-transparent or one-way view options that keep your privacy intact, but, allow you to the lookout. 

They are dust-resistant and much easier to clean. Since dust is harmful to people with allergies and respiratory problems. The premium fabric of Hunter Douglas rollers is harmoniously blended with contemporary design aesthetics. Hence you not only get to keep the solar glare out but, also make a cool impression on your visitors. In case you prefer to keep the solar glare completely out and wish to enjoy a peaceful sleep in a dark and cool bedroom, you can choose the black-out roller blinds as well. 

Modern Technology Integration

Hunter Douglas brings to you cutting-edge automation options for your roller blinds. You can choose to install manual, regular motorized, or the proprietary PowerView® Automation technology operated window roller blinds. These blinds are seamlessly integrated with your home wifi network and are fully compatible with various smart home assistants from brands such as Apple and Google. The PowerView® Automation comes with a mobile app that has Android and iOS versions. These features give you the ability to control all window blinds installed in your home or office through one single controller and the smartphone app allows you to control them from anywhere in the world.

Whatever your need be, such high-quality window roller blinds with the award-winning design are always going to be the ideal companion for your home/office spaces! Go ahead and check the diverse options available in our products section or connect with our sales team for further information!