Why Should you Choose Fabric Roller Blinds Over Curtains?

Why Should you Choose Fabric Roller Blinds Over Curtains
12 May 2021
Sometimes, the act of making choices can be really a lot tougher than it first seems. Selecting the right type of window coverings is one of the most important aspects of home décor. In fact, whether you go for a complete transformation of your home interiors or a seasonal/festive makeover, redoing the window shades is usually an item on the priority list. 

Curtains are the simplest and an easy DIY option for most homes. You can just hang them from the drapery rods and create shaded and stylish interiors. However, when we compare them with the Roller blinds, there are certain things that need to be taken into account. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the various advantages offered by Hunter Douglas Roller blinds.

In modern urban homes, spaciousness can be a bit of a challenge especially in the apartments. That’s where a high quality roller blind fits snugly on the windows and makes your room look bigger and more comfortable compared to curtains. Being the pioneers in window blinds, Hunter Douglas offers you a wide range of customised roller blinds that come with unmatched style and efficiency. Here are some of the advantages that they can offer over conventional curtains:

Fittings: Customised roller blinds are made to measure and they will cover your window frame perfectly. Therefore, you can get them seamlessly nestled inside or on top of the window frame. Whichever option you choose, you can always be assured of the best window appearance. In fact, it is this size adaptability of these blinds that makes them an ideal choice for different window shapes and sizes including arched, triangular, round or curved windows as well. 

Privacy: It is easier to separate the loosely hanging fabric sheets aka curtains and get a glimpse of your home interiors. In windy times, the curtains keep fluttering away and occasionally turning you home interiors into a display. However, the snugly fit roller blinds are made of a single sheet of fabric and will provide your home the desired privacy.

Light Control: One of the biggest benefits of Hunter Douglas roller blinds is the absolute range of light control they offer. You can opt for the trendy sheers, semi-transparent or translucent fabric options which create a warm  yet not harshly bright glow at your windows. Alternatively, you can also go for the dim-out option which will make the interiors darker and conducive for an afternoon siesta if you need one. The dim-out fabric of Hunter Douglas roller blinds also works well for your home office where you can do well without the additional solar glare on the screens.

Easy cleaning and maintenance: The absence of slats allows you to easily clean them with a weekly dose of vacuum cleaning or fabric brushing. If there are any stains then you can rub them with good quality liquid detergent and carry out spot cleaning. 

Safety: At Hunter Douglas, we are committed to providing you the safest and the most comfortable roller blind options, and that’s where our motorised roller blinds are the ideal choice for your home. There are no dangling cord hazards to make anyone trip or choke. 

Style: We bring to you some of the best roller blind solutions in the world courtesy of our decades of expertise in making highly stylish custom roller blinds. For instance, the award winning XL Roller Blind is perfect for the large feature windows. You can experience the ultimate ease in lifting with diversity of manual and motorised controls with a nearly limitless range of designs, fabrics and colours. 

These are just some of the amazing benefits of the Hunter Douglas Roller Blinds that conventional manually operated curtains can’t provide. Further, you can pair the motorised roller blinds to our highly advanced PowerView® Automation and create a seamless integration of all your home window blinds automatically. Create customised visuals of the outdoors or schedule your windows to open with sunrise and lower at bedtime every day automatically.

Go ahead and explore the world of Hunter Douglas Roller Blinds and we are sure you will never choose the loosely hung curtains again!