Why shades and blinds were, and still are, the ultimate status symbol

Why shades and blinds were, and still are, the ultimate status symbol
26 Aug 2020
The home is substituting the clothing and car as the status symbol in recent times. More than ever before, people are now taking an interest in how they adorn their rooms, beds, and even windows than how they dress themselves. And thus, home furnishings purchases must be well-planned. Plus, there’s no secret about the fact that window treatments have a range of benefits. And the reason why windows should be paid special attention to is that they play an important role in both the interiors as well as the exteriors of the house.

Let us learn a bit more about blinds and shades below!

Simple yet suitable and stylish, shades do the work of covering windows form top to bottom to offer privacy, warmth, and visual appeal. The more the layers, the better the energy efficiency, in case of shades. Shades are typically considered as soft treatments and are slightly expensive. What makes shades special is the fact that they eliminate the need for those windows and wall modifications.

Shades are designed in a way that they look elegant and aesthetically pleasing from any direction, plus the added advantage of easy and quick installations. Not many might know but about upto 30% of a home’s cooling and heating energy is lost through its windows. And here’s when shades come to rescue by trapping the air cleverly through the cells that provide insulation to the windows. Depending on your needs, lifestyle, and wants, install either roller shades, or honeycomb shades and up the luxury game of your property!

Blinds are classic and affordable window treatments that offer a great level of privacy and control over the light entering the room. What adds that sophistication to the room is the way wood blinds imbue an organic feel, whilst the metal version injects a commercial touch. When installed with valances and drapes, the blinds can instantly change the appearance of the room. Besides, those in love with a traditional and rustic feel and look of a room are certain to never get over the charm that wood and metal blinds offer.

In fact, off late, many homeowners are favoring the application of blinds over basic draperies or curtains, since they are easier to maintain, dirt-free, and visually pleasing. Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether the house is traditional or modern-looking, blinds, either in dark or light shades, fit into all kinds of needs. Having said that, it’s always great to synchronize the color and style of the blinds with interiors of the home. By doing so, the room or house can get a complete makeover in its own way.

Discover how innovative, yet basic, window treatments, along with a few accessories, furnishings, or lightings, can transform your property with a hint of convenience and luxury. Enhance your living experience and make your home better than before!