Why are Honeycomb Shades so Popular
07 Aug 2021
Would you like to install a window covering that is functional and energy-efficient yet looks amazingly stylish?

If you desire such a product for your home, honeycomb shades are what you should opt for. Honeycomb shades have got everything you need in window treatments plus a lot more. These window coverings consist of a continuous piece of fabric, which is joined together to form the honeycomb shape that has become so popular. It comes in designs with either  Single Honeycomb Construction or Architeclla Honeycomb Construction that effectively trap air between them, thus providing insulation for rooms.  

Honeycomb shades are the most flexible among shades and are apt for windows that are of unconventional shapes. You can get honeycomb shades in a wide variety of colours and sizes and can choose one as per the amount of light control you want. These shades offer many advantages like savings in energy consumption, more privacy inside your rooms, and better light control. To understand these innovative shades, you should learn in more detail about their benefits.

Top Reasons Why Honeycomb Shades are Most Preferred

1. Give More Comfort

One great benefit of honeycomb shades is the insulation they provide. The innovative cellular design of honeycomb shades effectively keeps out excess heat and cold throughout the year. The insulation they provide is much greater than other window coverings. The shades keep you cosy and relaxed, whatever the weather outside.

2. Block Excess Noise

Because of their honeycomb design, cellular shades can insulate your windows not only from heat and cold but also from outside noise. Improve your room’s acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside sound with Duette®Honeycomb Shades. Known for their great insulating properties, these noise-reducing shades absorb up to 70% of sound energy, creating a quieter, more tranquil room.

3. Provide Adequate Privacy 

We all love to have privacy and would like it when outside people cannot pry inside our homes. Honeycomb shades are better than most window coverings when it comes to privacy. They effectively block out light, making it tough for people outside to view what is inside. Even translucent cell shades that allow little light to filter in provide your much-needed privacy during the daytime. At night also, outsiders may see shadows if you stand near the windows, but they will still not be able to see through the cellular shades.

4. Look Slim and Crisp

You may think that with their ability to provide insulation and block light, honeycomb shades may look too heavy. But, contrarily, these shades actually look compact, crisp and slim, blending well with your home decor.

5. Amazing Light Control

What you will love about honeycomb shades is the level of light control they provide. Each home has unique lighting needs, and with honeycomb shades, you can adjust the shades to get the right amount of light you require. Depending on your lighting needs, you can control your shades to let in more sunlight or block the sun rays if you want the room to be cooler. 

6. Save Money with Lower Energy Bills

Another plus point about honeycomb shades is that they greatly lower your energy consumption. This happens because the shades do not let in excess sunlight into your rooms during the summer months. Therefore, it reduces the need to turn on your air-conditioner. Likewise, in winter, honeycomb shades do not let in too much cold air, thus preventing the need for heating. The shades maintain a consistent temperature inside your home, thus bringing down your energy bills.

7. Enhances your Interiors 

Honeycomb shades add value to your interiors with their unique appearance. They are popularly installed on windows since they complement your interiors excellently. Moreover, you will be amazed at the variety of fabrics and colours available for your selection.

8. Very Versatile

Compared to other window treatments, honeycomb shades are more versatile. You can install them anywhere, whatever be the size or shape of your window. They are apt for sliding doors, bay windows, and other window types and improve the appeal of your interiors.

9. Easy Maintenance

If you thought cleaning honeycomb shades is tough and time-consuming, you could not be more wrong. All that you need is to spare a few minutes to dust them with a feather duster or a microfiber cloth. You can even vacuum them at a lower setting for deeper cleaning. Try using compressed air for removing dust from the shades. For that, using a blow dryer at a cool setting is found to be effective.

With so many advantages, honeycomb shades are definitely the most popular among all window treatments. If you too desire to spice up your interiors with honeycomb shades, go through the amazing varieties of shades at Hunter Douglas and select the one most apt for your interiors. When you buy from Hunter Douglas, you are guaranteed to get a superior quality product and the option to choose from numerous fabrics, colours, and styles.