Transform your blinds with Automation

Transform your blinds with Automation
02 Jan 2021
Are you inconvenienced by the dangling cords which make your window blinds so troublesome to operate? We all have been there and felt the hassle as well as the safety risk the cord operated window shades bring along. However, what if you could simply relax in the recliner or snuggle up on your bed in the winters and enjoy your relaxation time as the window blinds moved on their own and created the perfect ambience. 

Enjoy the views

Everyone likes the fuzzy warmth of natural light, but, when it comes to blazing hot sunlight, there is not much fun in it. Just because you don’t want your home to be dark and damp, you don’t need to put up with the uncomfortable solar glare either. That’s where the wide range of Hunter Douglas Venetian window blinds, Roller window blinds etc can give you the desired light control and privacy. 

Hunter Douglas offers you top notch automation for your window shades. Our unique PowerView®️ Automation is an advanced innovation using wireless technology which can fit any of your window blinds. The design of this system is sleek and extremely stylish and it was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2018. You can fix individual settings for different blinds and move them to the position you want, at the time you want. 

Live Smart and in style

The incredible automation system for window blinds offers you absolute precision and freedom to create the ambience you want.  It works in tandem with any type of blinds  or window shades, allowing you an unmatched quality of living. You can connect the system with various smartphones or smart home devices from  Apple or Android platform. Since the advanced system is fully automated, it doesn’t require any hazardous cords that make your windows unsafe. 

Our PowerView®️ Automation offers multiple control options, all of which are easy to use and wireless. For instance, the system comes with its own super-stylish Pebble shaped remote control option which gives you complete control over a single window shade or over the shades installed throughout the home. The Pebble control offers 6 different settings which can be activated by a simple press of a button. The ergonomic and aesthetically designed Pebble comes in various colours. 

Apart from that, the system also comes with a wall-mounted remote option and you can alternatively control it through a smartphone/tablet app which is compatible with different operating systems. There are different scene settings pre-programmed which can be activated on demand. The smartphone app allows you to create your own customized schedules such as the time for each blind to open or close. Further you can synchronize the movement of the blind with the sun’s trajectory through the day. Whether you’re hurrying out the door or in a comfortable position on the sofa, voice control lets you open and close your shades with a simple verbal command to your smart-home system. It’s a hands-free solution that allows your home to run smoothly.  For additional security when you’re not home, adjust your shades on your mobile device or tablet with our Remote Connect™ feature.

Thus, whatever type of window blinds or window coverings you have installed on your windows, you can use the Hunter Douglas automation system to optimize the 1 flow of natural light and warmth indoors and impress all visitors with the superb sophistication and style