Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Window Blinds for Home Office

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Window Blinds for Home Office
03 Dec 2020
With the raging Coronavirus pandemic, it has become important for all of us to have a fully functional home office as working remotely is the new norm now. Also, when we talk about home offices, it is not just about the furniture or the equipment, but a part of the house that has the overall productivity supporting ambience. The way we cover our windows can play a crucial role in creating a distinct and business-like ambience for the home office. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while buying window blinds for home office is that the type of window covering you choose will directly impact the comfort and peace of mind. 

Having said that, let’s go ahead and learn more about the factors that will help us achieve the desired balance between home aesthetics and office functionality:

Controlling natural light

The most fundamental reason for installing window blinds is to regulate or prevent the natural light that enters the premises through the windows. Hence, when you embark on the quest to find the ideal office window blinds for the home office, light control must be the number 1 thing to focus on. By ensuring an optimal balance of lighting in the office, it is possible to achieve greater productivity. For instance, one would easily feel fatigue and monotony if the place is all covered up with no natural light or view on a cold winter day. However, with little diffused natural lighting and integration of floral patterns or bright colours on the window shades, things can become cheerful and stimulating. 
The key is to let in just the right amount of natural light which makes one feel the warm brightness, but, not the hot or dazzling sunshine. Too much sunlight can be distracting and uncomfortable to work on computers. 


Just like any other part of the home, your home office also needs privacy control. In fact, the need for privacy is greater in the home office as you might not want those inside the office to look out into the other parts of your home. That can not only distract your employees, but also make your family members uncomfortable at times. Hence, a good window covering option should be able to offer control over privacy and view. 


Comfort is an essential productivity booster. You are unlikely to be able to give your best performance if you keep shivering due to the cold weather or get dazzled every now and then by the lighting. Good quality window treatments such as the range of cellular shades, Venetian window blinds and roller window blinds by Hunter Douglas can help you achieve desired insulation as well as dimming of lights that enhances the comfort and cosiness of the home office. 

Style and interior décor

Since you are working from home office, it doesn’t augur well if your work area’s windows are covered in a cheap, monotone or very commercial type of window blinds or curtains. You need to merge the practicality and functional needs of the office with the aesthetics and stylish nature of your home. A great interior and stylish window shades can not only make your home office look great to the visitors or potential clients, but can also be a mood lifter for you and your employees. 

Overall, whether you choose Venetian window blinds, roller window blinds etc, the key is to choose the window shades in accordance with the design and interiors of the room as well as the overall colour scheme of your home. By integrating options such as our Country Woods wooden blinds or Precious Metals Venetian blinds with the PowerViewⓇ Automation can not only make your home office window treatments score on all the points listed above, but, can also become the highlight of the area!