The Most Popular Window Covering Products in 2021
01 Aug 2021
Are you confused about what type of window covering products to select for your home?
Do you know the latest trend for window coverings in 2021? 

If so, you should worry no more for you will get all the information you need on window coverings as you read the whole article. 

Many styles have been coming and going in 2021, but only some of them have remained popular. While choosing the ideal window covering, you need to assess your needs first. 

To know clearly what you want, you need to first ask yourself these questions:

Do you need more natural light to enter your rooms? 
Would you like more privacy? 
Do you want a product that is easy to operate and maintain? 
What style would suit your home better?

As you ponder over these questions, you will have a fair idea of what product you want for your home or office. If you are still unsure, read further to know which window coverings are more in style in 2021.

Top Four Window Coverings in 2021
  • Honeycomb Shades

Another popular option for your window is cellular or honeycomb shades, specially designed to trap air and provide optimum insulation to your living space. People love them for the high level of energy efficiency they bring to your rooms, leading to much lower energy bills. Additionally, they also bring down the amount of noise entering your space, enabling you to rest peacefully within your home’s comforts. There are hundreds of fabrics and colours for you to choose from, based on the look you want.
  • Motorized Blinds

Wouldn’t you love to open or close your blinds without having to get up from your chair or sofa? Installing automatic window blinds has been one of the most popular trends in 2021. Not only do these blinds add extra convenience, but they are safer, especially when you have pets and little kids at your home. Being cordless, there is no danger of anyone getting entangled. These automated blinds are perfect for windows that are out of your reach. It means you do not have to climb a ladder every time you need to adjust your blinds.
  • Roller Shades

Their contemporary looks have made them a popular choice for windows everywhere. They have a neat, classy look and are available in a wide array of fabrics, colours, and design combinations. You can buy designer roller shades that operate smoothly and effectively block excess sunlight, giving your room a cosy look. 

Roller shades do not let in harmful UV rays that can cause your furniture to fade and look dull. You can also opt for designer banded shades that are a blend of sheer and solid fabric bands, allowing you to opt for either a see-through look for more light or a closed look for more privacy.
  • Vignette

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades are crafted with sumptuous fabrics that transform incoming light for a clean, crisp look at the window, so you can enjoy the beauty and allure of your space even more. Each full or flat fold in the fabric is designed to create a uniform aesthetic that operates seamlessly. The added benefit of no exposed rear cords improves window aesthetics and offers enhanced child safety

Decide between any of these window covering products after carefully analysing your light, privacy, and style requirements. Go through the numerous design varieties at Hunter Douglas, your most trustworthy dealer for window covering products. You will be amazed at the hundreds of colours, designs, and style options available for blinds, shades, shutters, and other products. Hunter Douglas is recognized globally for its commitment to quality and innovation and is the automatic choice when it comes to window coverings.