The Best Blinds and Shades to Install for Large Windows
12 Nov 2021
Homes with large windows look more inviting and lovely, don’t they? In addition, they provide your space with ample light and warmth. Not to forget how such windows offer magnificent views of the outdoors. However, with large windows, you often have to deal with issues like:
● Too much direct daylight and heat
● Lack of privacy, and
● Maintenance.& Services challenges
This makes it even more important to cover the windows with the right product. Any carelessness in covering these windows can ruin the entire look and feel of interiors along with the outdoor view. It also prevents natural light from entering inside. 

Hence, it is suggested that for such oversized windows, it is best to install window treatments like blinds or shades that are light in weight and versatile. Ensure that you consult an expert while selecting the right window treatments obliging to its size. Keep in mind that large windows require heavy shades or blinds, which might be difficult to operate.  
So, let’s clearly look at the best window treatments that are ideal for such large windows: 
Top Blinds and Shades for Large Windows
1. Cellular Shades
They are very popularly used in homes and are good for large-sized windows. One significant reason to pick them is that they are light in weight, enabling seamless operation. Duette® Honeycomb Shade is an exceptional product by Hunter Douglas that adds beauty to your interiors while providing amazing energy efficiency in all seasons. 
Duette® shades have a unique honeycomb structure that allows them to trap air in pockets, thus creating insulation. This, therefore, reduces your energy bills. Moreover, you can match them with your interiors by selecting from a range of sizes, fabrics, colours, and textures. You can also choose from operating systems like top-down or bottom-up as per your requirements. Opt for either a single-cell design or go for Duette Architella® that has a honeycomb within a honeycomb for better energy efficiency. 
2. Roller Blinds
These are yet another popular form of window treatments that people prefer due to their affordability and ease of use. Roller blinds give your windows an uncluttered and modern feel and look great, especially on large windows. Choose any colour, texture, and pattern that matches your home. 
Take a look at the designer screen fabrics available at Hunter Douglas that reduce unnecessary glare yet provide ample sunlight to light up your interiors. XL Roller Blinds from Hunter Douglas is, in fact, ideal for large-sized windows. It also comes with two options, manual and motorized controls. Powerview® Motorized Roller shades let you adjust the lighting as you want while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views outside. You will be spoiled with choices right from translucent, dim out, and sheer to semi-transparent fabrics as per your need for privacy and lighting control.
3. Faux Wood Blinds
If you would prefer a slightly traditional look, then you cannot go wrong with faux wood blinds that work exceptionally even in extreme weather conditions. These blinds resist fading and cracking and work well in humid areas where there is excess moisture. You will be elated to hear that these blinds are affordable and greatly complement your big windows. They provide a soothing look to your windows and add to the home’s aesthetics. 
Hunter Douglas offers exclusive options of Faux woods, especially the one made of water-resistant polyresin. So, if you reside near a coastal area, then Faux wood is your go-to blinds. It is ideal if your home is located in a heavy-moisture area. Choose from natural wood tones or trendy whites and greys to add a timeless appeal to your windows. Moreover, you can give special touches to your windows by adding some colourful decorative tapes to lift your faux wood blinds to another level. 
4. Roman Window Shades
Roman shades bring a graceful feel to too large windows and provide the “wow” factor to lift your living space above the ordinary. Modern Roman shades from Hunter Douglas give a clean look to your room along with safety features. They are free from exposed rear cords that are a safety hazard when you have little children or pets.   
Bring the perfect balance of light and privacy with Vignette Duolite a combo of light-filtering front shade together with a room-darkening back panel. You can even add the convenience of effortless operation with Powerview® Automation and control the lighting with your remote control or smartphone. Choose from different luxurious textures and colours to match your tastes and style.   
Large-sized windows are definitely a boon to your home since they provide a magnificent view of the exteriors and offer you ample natural light. But, to balance your lighting and privacy needs, you need to smartly choose the right shades or blinds, or you will end up grappling with inflated energy bills and other issues.
With plenty of options, choose the right window treatments from Hunter Douglas that align with your lighting and comfort needs. With Hunter Douglas, you know you are in safe hands since they are the world’s leaders in window coverings and architectural products. Millions of windows in homes and offices around the world are adorned with Hunter Douglas’s world-class products that are innovative, long-lasting and exceptionally good-looking.