Automatic Sun Louvres - Sun Control Systems

The Automatic Sun Louvres - Sun Control Systems
22 Sep 2021
Automatic Sun Louvres are sun control systems that can be aptly defined as sun shading systems with an architectural element. They are immensely popular and have been at the top for many centuries. This is precisely because of their ease of installation and use, blend of style and functionality, durability and long life coupled with low maintenance, and best performance. Sun Louvres restrict the direct entry of very strong sun glare into your space while protecting the people within from the harsh heat of the sun. You can adjust the louvres to give you optimum protection at practically all angles. 

The primary objective of sun louvres is to impart a perfect thermally ambient environment for the people within the room. To ensure shade and comfort in your space, get your automatic sun louvres installed today. 

Different Sun Louvre Styles

Open Facade System

Open Facade Sun Louvre systems come in the form of panels in front of your windows. They provide optimum shade from the sun at all angles. As you incorporate Open facade sun louvres in front of your windows, you can prevent the entry of strong glare inside and also the heat gain by the building. The open facade system is great because it does not obscure complete view yet provides optimum protection against sun rays and heat. Hunter Douglas has a wide range of materials and styles that you can choose from to have your customized open facade sun louvre built. Customizable shapes at affordable prices- what more can one want? 

Here are the special attractions of the Open Facade Sun Louvre System
  • They don’t need much maintenance
  • Symmetrical linear panel appearance that gives an elegant and chic look
  • The continuous aluminium support enhances the durability of the system.
  • Extruded aluminium is used for the panels that make the open facade system resistant to all types of weather conditions. 
  • You can choose your own module for an optimization of the shading efficiency
  • A perfect blend of stylish look, long life, and strength

Hunter Douglas has a unique approach of prioritizing sustainable building strategies by resorting to the extensive use of environment-friendly building materials that are not only certified to be the best but are also perfect for the health of the environment. 

Canopy System

Whenever someone talks about Sun Louvres, it is usually Canopy systems that come to our mind. That is precise because Canopy Systems were the first-ever sun louvres element and have a high degree of functionality coupled with style. The high-quality built material and the unique style are amazing in look as well as function. The elegant design and detail of the Canopy system is indeed a treat to the architectural model of your space. The canopy sun louvres provide optimum protection from strong sun glare and sun heat.
  • UV protected and scratch-resistant coating on the roll panels of the canopy sun louvres protect them from weather extremities and preserve their life and durability.
  • Linear panel appearance adds a classy edge to the building redefining the space and its beauty.
  • Roll-formed extruded aluminium panels require the least maintenance and are perfect for enhancing looks and functionality.
  • Canopy sun louvres have a wide scope for customization, and you can practically get them in any color, design, and finish as would make your space look better and for the sun louvres to serve their purpose better.

The materials used for the construction of canopy sun louvres by Hunter Douglas are specially crafted to give maximum protection against sun glare and ensure thermal comfort in the space that is enclosed. The materials used are environment-friendly and promote the sustainable well-being of the environment. 

Why Choose Hunter Douglas?

The Sun Louvre Systems of Hunter Douglas is a true blend of style and functionality. Each Sun Louvre product from Hunter Douglas not only adds a classy look but also gives the perfect and most comfortable protection against strong sun glare. The Sun Louvre of Hunter Douglas can be customized, and styles can be fixed to complement your building architecture and provide optimum sun protection. The louvres are organized in a way that promotes complete flexibility so that protection from glare at all angles can be easily provided. 

Hunter Douglas specializes in primarily two genres of sun louvres, namely Open Facade Systems and Canopy Systems. Both of these are contemporary styles very much in trend to give a classy yet cool look to your buildings. The designs and dimensions are customizable. To fabricate your space with a perfect combination of style and function, switch over to the trendy and versatile Sun Louvre range of Hunter Douglas.