QuadroClad®️ Honeycomb - Best Ventilated Cladding System for Exteriors
25 Mar 2022
For the last 50 years, we have been creating top-class architectural products for our customers, and our products have been the best in the industry and most liked by customers. 

Hunter Douglas has been the name in Facades/ceiling systems, sun control systems, window coverings.

Choosing the right facades/ceiling system is very much essential yet challenging. Hunter Douglas solves this problem for you.

We have developed QuadroClad, which blends excellently with your exteriors while improving the performance and comfort levels of your building.

Our QuadroClad® façade system is the best in the industry and is a unique ventilated cladding system based on rain-screen façade principles. The skins are secured to a honeycomb aluminum core, providing the panels with high strength and low weight with exceptional flatness. 

To make QudroClad panels perform in the harshest conditions, we tested the components independently for corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and wind load performance. So quality and longevity are not the issues at all.

In this blog, let's see some of the fantastic QudroClad HoneyComb collections.

The QuadroClad Collection for Exteriors

01 QC100

The QuadroClad® QC100 has a roll-formed edge on two sides, ensuring that while using the supplied fixing clamps, the installation is simple.

The optional clamp cover features an optical 25 mm closed joint that can be colored to enhance the visual effect. 

It can be easily mounted horizontally as well as vertically, and the unique combination of roll-formed edges and clamps makes it ideal for projects with large self-supporting roofs.

  • Great for large cladding projects (where the exact sizes are desired), with the roll-formed edges and fixing clamps facilitating easy installation.
  • For special effects, closed (contrasting) joints are possible. It is perfectly suited for vertical use.
  • Appropriate for self-supporting roofs.

QuadroClad® QC200 is a fully engineered panel with four aluminum extrusion frames. Our specially designed extrusion top profile makes easy screw fix installation on any substructure. 

The QC200's visual closed joint lays deeper, creating a lifting effect that enhances the visual appearance of each panel.

Integrated channels allow rain and condensation to drain behind the cladding surface, resulting in a cleaner façade and reducing maintenance overheads.

  • Installation depth is minimal.
  • Fewer parts are required.
  • A top profile is included for simple screw-fix installation.
  • It has a closed ventilated joint
  • Individually detachable

Our QuadroClad® QC500 panel is ideal for dome-shaped buildings because it uses triangular and diamond-shaped panels in conjunction with a specially engineered integrated fixing system. 

Designers can create amazing visual shapes following the contours and profile of a building's exterior with this unique ventilated façade system.

  • It is excellent for dome-shaped structures.
  • Because of our corner fixed substructure, the installation gets much simple.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • When extreme technical specifications are required, this is the product to use.
  • Every contour of the building is followed.
Benefits of Hunter Douglas QuadroClad®️ 

1. Design

Available in custom shapes and a variety of joint options with an extensive range of colors and materials, which provide you with the creative freedom to choose the best, unique design.

2. Functionality

Our system has been used and tested for 15 years. It is built to last long after properly evaluating all aspects of the building and meets the individual building specifications without costly adoption.

3. Provide Comfort

QuadroClad system enhances the comfort and performance level of the building and its occupants. It protects the building from heat and noise provides a shield against rain, wind, and snow, thus providing a consistent temperature and humidity level.

4. Built to Last Long

Based on composite technology originating from the aircraft industry, it is combined with aluminum honeycomb reinforcement, which results in a strong, flat, lightweight product that can withstand any severe environmental conditions.

5. 100% Recyclable

Made of Aluminium alloy, which is fully recyclable at the end of facade/ceiling lifecycle.

6. Great in Terms of Quality 

Sustainable construction necessitates the use of environmentally friendly materials. Hunter Douglas strives to select environmental-friendly materials. Many of our products are made from aluminum that we have smelted ourselves.

We've improved our procedures to use up to 100 percent recycled content to make the best alloy for our products. Our products have been designed for corrosion resistance, insulation ventilation, fire resistance, and wind load performance. So it looks really good and lasts for a long.


Hunter Douglas Quadroclad is the best facade in the industry. We have 50 years of experience creating the best quality, long-lasting products for our customers, which provides them comfort and takes care of all the necessities of the customers.