PowerView®️ Automation Best Blind Automation system for your Home

PowerView®️ Automation Best Blind Automation system for your Home
15 Feb 2021
As a connoisseur of all things fine, there is no reason why you would let your home blinds resemble a 19th century setup when you are yourself living in a smart 21st century home. As you already know, the blinds that cover the windows of your  abode are not just window shades, but high quality window accessories that epitomize your style and display the refinement of  your living choices. Thus, it is natural for you to choose a top of the  line window blind automation system such as the Hunter Douglas PowerView®️ Automation.

Smart Home – Smart Living

We have poured our unmatched experience of several decades in crafting the PowerView®️ Automation system which makes the world’s most beautiful and elegant window blinds come alive in a smart way. It is a cutting-edge innovation which operates wirelessly and allows you to operate your automatic window blinds, the way you want. Thus, now you can enjoy perfect lighting, energy efficiency and convenience delivered by the PowerView®️ system automatically. 

Enjoy the views you want

The PowerView®️ App offers unmatched options for you to quickly create the personalized view that you want by controlling all the blinds of your home in synchronization or create any combination through which the window blinds can be moved automatically, as if they have a life of their own. 

Ease of scheduling

Whether you are an early bird who rises with the sun and wants the blinds to open automatically as per your convenience or you want the blinds to automatically close at bedtime without requiring any effort from you, it is all possible. The PowerView®️ has an in-built scheduling feature which allows your automatic window blinds to move to your pre-defined positions throughout the day. The system has an integrated app which offers you full features of the automation on your smartphone or tablet. The system works in tandem with the Amazon Alexa home device to deliver magic like seamless functioning. 

Creating a smart home with PowerView®️

It is obvious that the signal strength is going to vary from one point to another and we have thoughtfully introduced the PowerView®️ Repeater which is a small signal enhancer which can be discreetly plugged into any AC outlet to instantly enhance the signal strength. This allows easy functioning of the  PowerView throughout your home. 

Pebble and Surface Scene Controller

In sync with the PowerView®️ Hub and App, the handheld Pebble or the wall-mounted Surface Remote Controller allow you to create pre-programmed scenes. The device can save settings for your personalized scenes and allows easy activation by using one or two buttons.

PowerView®️ Hub

The smart Hub can be attached to the wifi router and it acts as the central command center of the entire PowerView®️ system. You can store the personalized settings, set schedules and ensure single point control of all the PowerView®️ window shades in your home. 

PowerView®️ App

The thoughtfully created app can be installed on your smartphone and make it work like a remote control for any specific window blind or the entire home window shades. All you need to do is to integrate the App with the PowerView®️ Hub and enjoy the fun. 

No wonder the incredible features offered by the PowerView®️ window automation system make it one of the most loved and advanced automatic window blinds operating systems available in the market today. Go ahead and give our sales team a call to schedule a consultation and explore a world of automation that will transform your smart home!