PowerView®️ Automation – Taking Home Automation to an Entirely Different Level

PowerView®️ Automation – Taking Home Automation to an Entirely Different Level
13 Nov 2020
This is the digital age and smart homes are rapidly being seen as a safe and sustainable way of living. Home automation makes homes more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable. In today’s time, automation has extended beyond temperature control or remote-controlled lighting systems. Whether you are someone keen to adopt the latest concept of automation technologies for window shades and louverings or trying IoT devices for the first time, Hunter Douglas PowerView®️ Automation can help you create a personalized and an altogether new level of Smart living. This is a holistic automation system which is at par with the best products available across the world and comes with features that will truly capture your fancy. 

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Seamless integration

PowerView®️ Automation is compatible with leading home automation devices from Google, Microsoft and Apple. It comes with an integrated smartphone app named PowerView App which allows you to control all the blinds in your home together or set them in any manner as per preference.

For instance, if you don’t like disturbing noisy alarms, but still wish to be woken up in the morning, you can do so by scheduling the blinds to open in the morning. This will allow the natural light to enter the room and let you wake up naturally. You also have the option to schedule the opening and movement of the blinds throughout the day so that they automatically move to maintain desired light and privacy levels without any need to repeatedly move them manually. 


The PowerView®️ system comes with an aesthetically designed wall mounted hub which wirelessly connects to your home WiFi setup. You can control all your PowerView window treatments, and use the smart system that stores and remembers your preference settings and helps you create the desired scenes. PowerView Automation also comes with a small unobtrusive signal enhancer which can be discreetly plugged into any regular AC outlet. This thoughtful addition helps in extending the signal range to effectively operate the window installations throughout the house irrespective of its size. 


PowerView®️ Automation system has a beautifully designed Pebble remote controller which syncs with the PowerView Hub and App, and you can activate your pre-programmed settings through this hand-held controller or the wall-mounted Surface Remote. All you need to do is to surf through the various scenes and settings you have stored on the device and activate whichever setting you desire.


By using the smartphone-based PowerView App, it is possible to control any or all of the PowerView installations from a single point without touching them. The absence of the cord loop makes it absolutely safe especially with young children and pets around. Since the system also allows for storing of preferential settings for different times of the day, it allows complete automatic functioning of the window shades. Even if you are not home, you can still choose to close, open or move the blinds which can make onlookers feel that there is someone physically operating them. 


One of the key benefits of automation is that it improves the efficiency of home installations and helps in reducing power consumption. For instance, through the automatic setting of the window blinds movement throughout the day, it becomes possible to control the amount of light and heat that enters the living spaces. This can be instrumental in keeping the homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer with reduced reliance on electric heating and air-conditioning systems.

The full range of PowerView® Automation features is available in India and you can check the details by clicking here and connect to a sales representative for a demo or ordering the system!