Motorized Drapery System - What makes it a Best Choice?

Motorized Drapery System
15 Oct 2021
What are Curtains and Drapes?

In interior design, a curtain is a decorative cloth typically hung to control the amount of light that enters windows and prevent breezes from the window or door openings.

Drapes are fabric panels that are often purchased in pairs and have a lining. Depending on the intended function, the lining can be light or hefty (for example, blocking out light vs letting in sunlight). They usually run from the top of the window to the ground, and extra-long ones can be obtained to create a puddling appearance beneath the window. 

Drapes, unlike curtains, are often made of stiffer, thicker materials and are available custom-sized to meet any particular window size. Drapes are known to have a more formal and luxurious look than curtains because of their thicker construction and custom designs.

Motorized Drapery System

Curtains and Drapes are nothing new in households. Hunter Douglas helps you upgrade these window treatments to the next level by automating them.

Hunter Douglas has the industry's most comprehensive selection of shades and other window coverings, from window shades to the groundbreaking EOS motorized drapery system solution. The EOS Motorized Drapery System is ideal for applications ranging from guest rooms and suites to lobbies, ballrooms, and conference rooms. Automatic curtains are heavy-duty, quiet, and reliable and give exceptional performance.
Why are Automatic Curtain Systems and Motorized Drapery a Good Choice?

Saves Energy

You can programme when your automated curtains open and close to save energy. When it gets hot, instead of turning on the air conditioner, you can reduce the heat from the sun by closing the curtains from anywhere in the house. This is especially helpful when you are busy in another room but want to close the curtains to cool the area. This will save money on energy expenditures associated with excessive electricity use.


With automatic curtains, you can choose to close them remotely using a third party automation app even if you have already left the house! These motorized curtains are incredibly convenient for homes with kids, senior citizens and pets. The adults or caretakers can control the temperature of the room from anywhere. There is no need to keep going back and forth between rooms to maintain a comfortable temperature for their children or pets. This makes everything more convenient and comfortable.


Robbers frequently inspect the house they want to rob. They keep track of when the residence is occupied and when it is empty. You can create the impression that someone is always home by remotely regulating the curtains with your home automation app to open and close at odd times throughout the day, even when you are away from home. 

Better Lighting

You can configure your curtains to open at specific times of the day, such as sunrise or when you get home from work. You can programme the lights to turn out and the curtains to open at pre-programmed times after it's synced with the smart lighting in the house. This will let more natural light enter your space and reduce the glare from the tube lights, making the lighting inside more comfortable. If you ask a Hunter Douglas professional about customizing and integrating existing innovative technology with your curtains, they will undoubtedly be able to assist you in innovative ways.

UV protection

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can harm artwork and furniture. Not to mention damage to the expensive rugs and oak flooring. You can set the curtains on a timer to protect your home furniture from bleaching and fading. Your investments will be protected since the drapes will be lowered during the brightest part of the day.


There are no obtrusive cords with motorized shades. Synchronize the shades to start and stop in unison and line up perfectly across the windows to enhance the wow factor in your home. Shades made of open weave materials can keep lovely vistas outside while providing solitude inside.

Features of the Motorized System
  • The track runs quietly and smoothly. 
  • Installation of the motor on either side of the track is flexible and painless. 
  • Operates draperies weighing up to 50 kilogrammes. 
  • Works with several different control options (switches, remote controls, and touchpads). 

Are you still using those old kinds of curtains and drapes? 
Need a change? 
Hunter Douglas can help you find the perfect motorized curtains or drapes for your space.