What are the things one needs to consider before buying automatic window blinds?

Most Essential Points to Consider While Selecting Automatic Window Blinds
27 Mar 2021
The summer is here and the post-pandemic lifestyles make it necessary for us to carefully invest in good quality window shades which keep our homes comfortable, stylish, safe and healthy. The impact of modern homes is not just about the furniture or the interior design, but, today we need to keep in mind the effect of installations like home window blinds on the health, mental peace and productivity as well. 

One of the best things about digital technology and the evolution of smart tools is that we not only have access to customised automation, but can also enjoy a far  superior and effortless living experience. To manage lighting and ventilation inside the home, you can choose smart automated blinds, but, that leads us to the question: what are the things one needs to consider before buying automatic window blinds?

Let’s go ahead and find an answer to this question here

Things to keep in mind before buying automatic window blinds

Light control: Summer in India means hot and really bright days, and that’s where good automatic window blinds play a major role in regulating the flow of light. At present, when you need to work from home as well, it is essential to ensure an optimal balance of lighting. Working for long hours without natural lighting can cause fatigue and monotony easily. However, if the automatic blinds are set to operate smartly, they can ensure soft diffusion of natural lighting and create adequate illumination that doesn’t glare or create dark spots inside the premises. 

This is of greater importance if you are selecting the automatic window blinds for your office. Usage of devices like laptops and smartphones is a constant requirement, but, if the illumination is not automated smartly then the light emitted by the various gadget screens can cause problems like anxiety, high blood pressure and make us frequently feel disturbed.

Hunter Douglas  smart automation solutions give you complete control over the position and movement of the blinds throughout the day and you can control the operation through buttons, mobile app, remote control or even by integrating them to smart home speakers such as Google Home etc. 

Cheerfulness: You might be wondering what cheerfulness has got to do with window shades. Truth be told, window shades can have a major impact on the mood of the people occupying a space and the vibes that they get. Imagine the windows around you being covered by monotone, cheap and standardised window blinds, and compare that with the visual appeal of the windows having charming soft coloured window blinds with floral patterns, high quality materials and stylish contemporary designs. This is where Hunter Douglas automatic window blinds can add great value to your home or office and become a source of cheerfulness for your family, visitors or employees.

Temperature control: Automatic window blinds are popular as energy savers since they can maintain an ambient temperature indoors. They can block freezing winds in the winter and reduce internal heat loss and similarly in summers, they block external heat to keep your air conditioning working optimally. The  thermal efficiency of Hunter Douglas automatic window blinds ensures that the climatic changes don’t force changes upon the mindset or productivity of the occupants at any time. 

Health benefits: Automatic window blinds operate as per the schedule set by you and they cover the windows as well as open up keeping in mind the light settings you store. Thus, you can wake up naturally to the soft morning light and be assured of a good quality sleep at night when the blinds will cover the windows completely to insulate you from external lighting. Thus, your sleep quality improves and you can also enjoy similar comfort in daytime if you work night shifts and need to relax/sleep in the day. 

Further, the automatic window blinds are highly efficient at filtering the UV Rays from the sun which are harmful for our skin and can even cause diseases like cancer. The blinds can be set to smartly move with the movement of the sun and ensure that the UV rays don’t find an inlet into the premises. This keeps you as well as your interior decorations and furniture in a better condition.  


Hunter Douglas brings you a virtually unlimited range of design, size and material options such as Venetian window blinds, roller window blinds etc. Depending upon your usage and budget, you can opt for different colours and materials such as our Country Woods wooden blinds or Precious Metals Venetian Blinds with the revolutionary PowerViewⓇ Automation which can not only optimise your window shades, but, make them one of the best things about your home interiors!