Make Your Interiors Come Alive With Light

Make Your Interiors Come Alive With Light
14 Sep 2020
When we speak of interiors, we often think of furniture, wall decorations and so many other design elements. However, the real beauty lies in details and for these to manifest; we need the perfect blend of lighting and shade. 

There is probably nothing more enchanting and uplifting than soft natural light which is bright, but not glaring. To create that optimum natural light that warms the heart, we need to first look into how light interacts with the interior space.

If we let in too much of natural light, it can create blinding beams and make the living spaces too warm for comfort. However, if we block it out or live in a space where we have to rely on artificial lighting then the place can appear to be dull, cold and even gloomy. 

So, we need to strike a balance by figuring out how much natural light are we going to allow inside our living spaces, and in what hues!

This is where the windows and the way we regulate the light by using different coloured blinds, shades and sheers come in to redefine our living spaces.  In fact, we can transform the ambience by merely being specific while choosing window treatments for the house. 

Let’s say you want to create the vibes of a cool, shaded place during the summers as the mercury rises outside. All you need to do is to put a bright, icy blue shade on the window and your room will be transformed into a vibrant yet cold and cosy oasis. If you want to make it a little darker and relaxing then Silhouette® Window Shadings will be the ideal option for you. 

If it is the winter season then we can simply go with Window Roller Blinds that will help you enjoy the warm yet fuzzy vibes of the winter Sun as the golden rays enter the indoor space. 

You can likewise pick from the endless range of Duette® Honeycomb Shades as well, which offer a wide alternatives of lighting up controls and colours that can give your room various vibes, for example, contemporary, easygoing or formal rustic ambience.

This is how the colour of the shades plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the ambience that you wish to create. 

The other factor that helps you create a vibrant interior ambience is the smart manipulation of natural light available. For instance, you might have light and dark areas in your living room just because natural light filters in through the windows on one side only. 

The simplest and smart way to cheer up the darker areas will be to use strategically positioned reflective surfaces such as glazed tiles and mirrors encased with metallic gold frames etc. This will ensure that the natural light received in one part of the space will be reflected and bounced around the darker areas. This might even create the illusion of there being multiple windows or hidden lighting sources. 

In addition, the light diffusing properties of Silhouette®  Window Shadings not only helps soften the incoming sunlight but also brings it deeper into a room. This function is called “daylighting” and can sometimes save energy by reducing the need for electrical lighting for cheering up the darker areas.

Ambient lighting is the next big thing in sustainable homes and you can create a synchronized internal lighting ambience by creating a setup wherein the volume of lighting changes directly in proportion to the time of the day or the task. 

For instance, there is plenty of natural lighting available in the morning if you have east facing windows. Similarly, you can enjoy beautiful and multi-hued natural light that can filter in if you have windows in the west.  

If you are doing a task such as reading, writing, working on your computer or anything which requires visual focus then you can flick on the brighter lights. Opt for dimmer lighting to create a cool, calm and relaxed ambience if you are meditating, relaxing or planning to binge watch your favourite shows and movies. 

Soft golden lighting percolating from behind shades or wooden panels can create an ideal ambience for your bedtime. 

In today’s stressful times, the integration of plants with your interior lighting and vibrantly coloured shades that enhance the natural vibes can work wonders for the ambience. The plants will improve the aesthetics and purify the air whereas the coloured shades will add playfulness to the ambience.

The possibilities are endless, and the time is right for you to cheer up your living spaces with these easy to integrate tips! Have a bright day!