Make Your Home Interiors Cosy by Controlling Natural Light Flow

Make Your Home Interiors Cosy by Controlling Natural Light Flow
17 Sep 2020
Seasons are never identical, and with seasonal changes, the availability of natural lighting also changes. Hence, there is no reason why your interior lighting ambiance shouldn’t be in sync with the changing seasons. In summers, when it is hot outside, you need cool and relaxed interiors where the inflow of natural light is controlled and reduced. 

On the other hand, in winters, we need to get in as much daylight and fuzzy warmth as possible. Changing your interiors with every change of seasons might not be such a great idea logically. The other, easier and highly effective thing to do is to change the flow of natural light into your home. 

The process of altering your internal ambiance by allowing natural sunlight is called daylighting. By daylight, we can reduce the consumption of artificial lighting and make the interior ambiance cozy and more comfortable. 

However, the impact of daylighting is not only limited to saving on electricity bills, but, it is a highly sustainable way of illumination. By reducing the power consumption, we can actually reduce the global carbon footprint and benefit our environment. Studies have also revealed that natural lighting improves our cognitive and learning abilities and students who study in bright naturally lit classrooms are more cheerful and active compared to those who learn under artificial lighting. 

By changing your window shades and drapes is a stylish, quick and economical way to achieve the daylighting objectives for your home. 

You can maintain the interior lighting levels by playing with the colours, opacity or design of the shades fabrics and what makes it even better is that investing in these shades changes can actually bring down your electricity consumption. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish window shades that are ideal to change the balance between natural and artificial lighting in accordance with the change in seasons.

Pirouette®  Window Shadings

These are premium window shadings made of a single sheer undulating fabric fold which provides a clear view of the outside alongside keeping the indoors wrapped in privacy. These Window shadings have soft fabric vanes which are attached to a transparent backing and create an illusion as if they are floating. They draw ample amounts of natural light into the room, and are ideal for the lazy winter afternoons when you want to experience the fuzzy warmth of nature.

Its refined fabrics are inspired by the natural beauty of raw silk and linen and the palette offers soft neutral tones and enchanting pops of bold colour.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

For those who value their privacy as much as their ambience, Luminette Privacy Sheers are the perfect match. They are stylish sheer drapery panels which have 180 degrees rotatable vertical fabric vanes. Thus, they offer you a combination of light control and privacy in whichever way you like.

You can set them in a way that they diffuse natural light and spread it all around the room to make the most of the winter daylight. It reduces the need for electrical lighting and these fabric vanes also offer an option to minimize the UV rays which enter the room, thus, they protect the furniture and flooring from becoming dull and faded.

Silhouette® Window Shadings

These are perfect window shades for those who wish to enjoy pleasantly scattered natural lighting even on the brightest summer days. They are made of unique fabric vanes which can diffuse the harsh summer sunlight and spread the rays gently all over the room. In the evenings, they can be adjusted to draw in the fading twilight rays and maximize the presence of daylight for as long as possible.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

The Duette® Honeycomb Shades are a fabulous combination of design innovation and modern styling. They have a honeycomb structure that filters light and also takes care of energy efficiency goals. These are adjustable and ideal for all seasons. 

You can relax in the cool comforts of your room as these shades stand guard at the doors and windows to block the harsh summer heat, and they can also keep you warm and relaxed by maximizing the entry of the soft winter sunlight. 

Hence, no matter what season or preference you have, it is assured that by smartly choosing the shades, you can always make natural light your best ally in transforming your house’s interiors! There are plenty of choices for every season and every taste and all you need to do is to take a look at the extensive range of offerings!