Limitless Luxury with Unmatched Comfort with Honeycomb Shades

Limitless Luxury with Unmatched Comfort with Honeycomb Shades
11 Jan 2021
Honeycomb shades have been a preferred form of window shades for people with a taste for aesthetics and efficiency. 

The quintessential appeal of cellular shades has been further honed by Hunter Douglas experts and we have specifically engineered the Duette® Honeycomb Shades to deliver unmatched beauty and energy efficiency for your windows in hot as well as cold climates or seasons. These sophisticated honeycomb designed shades are built in a way that they trap air in distinct pockets, and it leads to insulation which can reduce energy consumption and energy costs. 

What makes the Duette® shades so amazing is the vast range of pleat sizes, fabric types, colour options, light-control and textures offered by them. Adding the distinct richness of Hunter Douglas engineering are innovative operation design options such as Top-Down/Bottom-Up, and Duette® Duolite which make them the best companions for your windows, skylights or unique shaped windows such as arches and circles etc. Duette® shades can also be ordered in a single-cell design or the industry leading innovation Duette® Architella which has a honeycomb within a honeycomb for maximum energy efficiency. 

As a result of this engineering prowess, the iconic Duette® Honeycomb Shades have become the epitome of visionary design and energy saving technology. The peculiar honeycomb structure ensures that your window becomes a show stealer in all seasons. These window shades offer various benefits such as:

Power saving: The honeycomb shades have greater ability to harness the  natural energy compared to other conventional blinds. Thus, they can reduce heat loss in winter and make you spend less on electrical heating. On the other hand, in summer, these window shades help regulate the flow of natural light and insulate your interiors from the external heat which makes your air conditioning more efficient. Thus, in the longer run, they prove to be cost efficient and help in reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

Light efficiency: The interiors of any home can be completely transformed with efficient usage of natural lighting. The Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb shades allow you three different transparency options and you can use them as different settings for day and night to create the perfect lighting ambience for your living room, study room or the bedrooms.

Noise efficiency: One of the most relaxing aspects of private spaces is the reduction in noise and the peacefulness which is a true luxury in modern times. The Duette® Honeycomb Shades have an ability to reduce external noise and even reduce the ambient noises emanating from movement on hard surfaces internally. Thus, your home ambience becomes more peaceful and relaxing. 

Ideal for all conditions: These shades are made of moisture resistant fabrics and offer seamless operation as well as perfect solutions for different shapes and window types whether it is a round porthole window or large picture window. Such a versatility of usage is unmatched in any other window blinds. 

The efficiency and class of these window shades is further enhanced by the diversity of operating systems that they come with. 

Vertiglide™ : If you need additional insulation on your doors then the Vertiglide operating system would work perfectly for you. This is a system for vertical installations and comes in the same fabrics that you would use in a horizontal Duette® shades. As per your choice, you can use one shade to cover the entire sliding door or cover with a split stack Vertiglide shade wherein each side of the shade can be operated independently. 

UltraGlide®: The UltraGlide operating system comes with a single retractable cord or wand depending on what kind of treatment you choose. They are always at a constant length during raising or lowering the shades. The absence of long or loose dangling cords ensures superior child and pet safety.

EasyRise™ : You can effortlessly lower these shades by pulling down on the front of this continuous loop and pulling on the rear of the loop can raise the blinds.

Alternatively you also have the option to use fully automatic PowerView®  Automation which enables you to control your window treatments with a remote and even a smartphone app which means that you can control the shades from anywhere in the world. 

To know more about the Duette® Shades and transform your home with these beautiful window shades, just contact our sales team through email or call today!