Interview: The Ultimate Guide to Blinds for Your Home with paul+pris

Interview: The Ultimate Guide to Blinds for Your Home with paul+pris
24 Sep 2019

Interview: The Ultimate Guide to Blinds for Your Home with paul+pris.

At Hunter Douglas, we work closely with interior designers to help bring their design vision to life. This week, let's welcome paul+pris - an interior design studio known for its eclectic design solution to create memorable experiences through contrasting perspectives and interpretations of living space. We had the opportunity to talk to co-founders, Pauline and Priscilla about how choosing the right blinds for your home would help elevate your home's interior. We'll deep dive into the function of each space and some tips & tricks from the pros to work with window treatments for your home. Get your notes ready as there are a few elements like slat sizing, colours and finishes that will play a major role in every interior style of a home.

How important are windows in interior design?
Interior design can change how people behave in a space especially with the presence of sun lights, element like openings to create views as well as the connections between exterior and interior, giving a sense of definition to what’s beyond on the other side.

How would the right window dressing affect a room’s interior?
With the right window treatments, it will help to create privacy and flexibility by adjusting the viewability of window (opening inside out/outside in).  It can reflect a certain personality in the space as well.

In your experience, how important is natural light in influencing your design theme or concept?
How do you harness the light or tone down harsh light from outside?
Pick the right thickness and opacity of fabric based on the purpose of the window.
What would be the major concerns for each direction?
You get more sunlight from the windows that are facing East and West, so choosing the right window treatment that help withstand the harshness of natural sunlight to prevent problems like fading of materials and heat trapped in the interior.
How would you dress windows with minimal natural light?
Blinds would be good for such function as it allows sunlight through but not directly from the sun by adjusting the direction and degree of each blinds tilting. This function is not available in drapery.
How do you dress the feature window in a living room?
For a minimalistic and simple, sleek look with flexibility in controlling sunlight, one may opt for venetian or wood blinds. If you’re looking to create a dramatic feature with a certain softness to the interior, yet still able to give privacy and soften the exposure of sunlight, we would recommend drapery curtains or sheer. Best would be drapery with tilting function (Luminette). Only Hunter Douglas has this product.
What would be your choice of window dressing to highlight a beautiful garden outside?
Draping curtains or sheer would be our choice, simply because it can be pulled to the sides and able to reveal the entire window opening to have a direct view to the garden. Alternative would be roller sheer.

Tips and tricks for specific living spaces:

Living Room & Dining Room
Keep it simple, choose sheer finishing to allow sunlight to wash over this main space. Both rooms should have a certain theme that ties these two areas together.

Yoga or Gym Room
Directional and easy to maintain, blinds or roller blinds is recommended.
Tea, Relaxation or Wine Room
Sheer layer blinds are good to soften light and provide clean tone down relax ambience compare to loose hanging drape. Add the light control function will give flexibility to control the views based on time of the day.
Study Room
Blinds that has flexibility for adjustment of light at different time of day.

Master Bedroom
Combination of sheer and opaque drapery curtains or blinds would be good. Opaque fabric will darken the room for better sleeps during the day or late raiser. It can be layered with a sheer for softness to let sunlight flood in the room at other time.
Children Bedroom
Look for child safe product and simple design for clean feel.
Guest Room
Roller screen or sheer or single layer of drapery curtains is great to create softness as well as to give privacy whenever the room is occupied.
Entertainment Room
Complete darkness is recommended for space that uses projectors or tv screen. Thicker and wider waves option of drapery curtains as it able to block off lights coming from the window edge/side.
Must be functional and easy to maintain; able to wipe and clean typed of blinds or roller blinds as kitchen may have oily residues/dirt in the long term and may stain on certain fabric window treatment.

Roller blinds with waterproof properties, that could be cleaned.
Walk-in closet
Drapery curtains in two layer or single layer of semi-sheer material to allow light into the room as well as to maximise light in the space if windows are limited.
What are your sources of idea or reference for selection of product or fabrics?
There are many resources in the market. When come to drapery the fabric texture and fold are important. But drapery has limited functions compare to blinds. Blinds have many functions and are great products to work with. It saves space on the window and does not look messy. Blinds are easier to maintain. You can get many ideas from internet, especially from Hunter Douglas. Most important is to provide solution for the space or room.