Innovative Wireless Window System - Powerview Automation

Innovative Wireless Window System - PowerView Automation
08 Sep 2021
Windows decide the overall indoor environment and give comfort to the residents. Gone are those days when the windows were controlled by humans, i.e. opened and closed by humans. But with the innovation of technology, physical opening and closing are no longer required. Today, we can install an innovative wireless window system, which enables smart opening and closing. 

If it's the rainy season and someone forgets to close the window, it might create trouble, but the sensor will automatically close the window with the wireless window system. 

And one of the best wireless window systems in the industry is the PowerView Automation system, which comes with bundles of features. 

PowerView Automation takes the wireless window system to the next step. 

With PowerView Automation, you can remotely control your window shade. Also, with the help of the application, you can personalize the shade according to your need. Like if you want the window shade should open at 7:00 am, then you can personalize this using the application, and the shade will open precisely at 7:00 am

Easy to control

PowerView Automation system enables the user to operate several windows shades accordingly with just one tap. Users can control the window through the application or use the remote. You can place even a remote near the window, and with just one press of a button, shades are closed. So no more convenient way of shutting the curtains off. 

Control it with a voice assistant

Whenever you are in a hurry and want to close all shades, you do not even need to press your remote button, as you can connect it with your voice assistant and control it using a voice assistant. The Voice assistant feature adds more comfort to your life while it efficiently collaborates with your smart home.

Control from anywhere in the world

With the application of PowerView, you can control your window shades anytime and from anywhere in the world. So, now you can do it without having to come back home.

Customise your shades adjustment

Sometimes you may want all shades to be closed, and sometimes you wish only a few shades to be closed and let some partial light enter the home. So keeping this need in mind, the PowerView motorised system comes with a customization facility, using which users can adjust the shades accordingly and wirelessly.

With PowerView Automation, you can control it with your tab, mobile. Also, you can schedule the process, and the shade will work automatically.

Easy to install

Installation and maintenance of PowerView Automation are user friendly. PowerView motorized window treatments are battery-powered, so it's easy to install, operate and maintain. 

Shades or curtain PowerView system available on

Duette Honeycomb shades: Compatible with PowerView motorised system provide:

(a) Comfortable functionality
(b) Total light control
(c) Takes care of your privacy
(d) Good enough to cover large windows as well
(e) Classy looks for your home or office windows

The material used in making Duette Honeycomb shades maintain warmness in winter and coolness in summer. Hence reduce the use of A/C and fan, and thereby energy consumption. With Honeycomb shades, peace is also maintained as it reduces the effect of ambient noise, making the environment more peaceful.

Available with different operating systems like Literise, UltraGlide, EasyRise, Vertiglide, Top-down/Bottom-up, Duolite and with PowerView motorised system, you can also automate the shades making your life easier.

The unique honeycomb structure makes your windows look elegant and thus make the indoor environment more subtle.

Pirouette Shades 

Looks attractive and modern, and its unique design takes proper control of the amount of light that should enter your home. It is absolutely suitable for every weather condition, especially summer, as this shade blocks 81% of harmful UV rays when vanes are open, and 99% when vanes are closed, which protect you and your house furnishing, as due to UV rays the colour of the furniture starts fading. Compatible with PowerView motorized system.


PowerView Automation system is by far the best window wireless automation system in the industry. We provide everything it needs for a seamless experience for our customers.

We provide lots of shades with lots of unique facilities, which enhance the look and user experience. 

The PowerView motorized system perfectly integrates with your windows, provides a seamless experience, and makes your life easier and hustle-free. With more offices and homes in India becoming intelligent homes, this will perfectly integrate your smart home and make homes and offices smarter.