Hunter Douglas QuadroClad® Façade Systems: The Epitome of Style and Performance

Hunter Douglas QuadroClad® Façade Systems: The Epitome of Style and Performance
01 Jul 2021
The façade of a building creates an impression from afar and makes visitors curious about the interiors and also makes them create an impression about the dwellers of that building. This is why selecting the right façade can prove to be quite a challenge. Hunter Douglas has crafted the QuadroClad® series of façade systems to help you overcome this dilemma of choice.

It is a unique, open-jointed cladding system which uses the principles of rainscreen façade technology to create a brilliant combination of performance and style. The lightweight skins of the system are fused to a honeycomb aluminum core which ensures absolute smooth flatness and extreme panel strength. QuadroClad® looks good and works even better. The panels and all other components of the system are engineered to perform in the most trying circumstances. Each panel is rigorously tested for corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and the wind-load performance to ensure that your building smiles even in the harshest climates. 

The exemplary performance of the QuadroClad® comes in a diverse range of custom shaped, curved and tapered panels. You get multiple joint options and a choice of color and material variations that will spoil you for choice and bring out the best of your design creativity. At Hunter Douglas, our belief is that we can create whatever design or shape you want. Each of the impeccable QuadroClad® façade systems is made with precision of measurement in a controlled factory environment. Therefore, you can be assured of getting a hassle-free, smooth, and swift installation on-site along with optimum performance. 

Here are some of the features of the world-class QuadroClad® systems that make them ideal for any size or type of buildings:

Endurance: The QuadroClad® systems have been tested for more than 15 years. We help you evaluate all aspects of the building from the visible surfaces to the construction, enabling you to create a QuadroClad® framework that suits the building specifications without costly alterations. These are composite aluminum QuadroClad® systems that originate from the aircraft industry. Produced using pre-coated aluminum, the system is combined with aluminum honeycomb reinforcement. Thus, you get flat, lightweight and made-to-measure product that keeps your building safe from environmental impact for years to come. 

Comfort: QuadroClad® systems are known to enhance the performance and comfort levels of the building for its occupants. Heat, fire, snow, rain, noise or wind, the system easily manages ambient internal temperatures and humidity levels.

Quality: The system is an outcome of over 40 years of global experience of development and production of aluminum facades. The flexibility we provide in panel size and shape and variations of curving and cranking makes QuadroClad® easy to apply on almost any freshly built or existing superstructure. You can install the panels to any part of a building ranging from a low to a high-rise building. QuadroClad® panels offer a flexible solution up to sizes of 1,500 mm x 6,000 mm. 

The extensive range of QuadroClad® façade panels come in a wide array of products such as QC50 Standard, QC100 Easy, QC200 Ultimate, QC300 Complete, and QC500 Infinity to suit a diversity of needs and usages.

It is this quality and precision of Hunter Douglas QuadroClad® façade systems that delivers various benefits to you such as:

Health and wellbeing

Hunter Douglas is committed to creation of sustainable buildings by providing aesthetic solutions which can enhance comfort and reduce energy consumption. We believe that the most important purpose of any building is to protect its occupants from elements and discomforts. We have created QuadroClad® shading solutions which help in optimum usage of daylight in a way that doesn’t cause glare or heat discomfort. Further, our solutions are highly effective in providing acoustic comfort. 


Usage of environmentally sound materials is a key to building sustainable buildings. We strategically choose materials that have inherently good environmental properties. Most of our products are made using aluminum produced in our own smelters. The processes deployed ensure consumption of up to 99% of recycled materials to produce the perfect alloy for our QuadroClad® series. Even the wood we use is FSC certified and we have adopted the Cradle to Cradle principle of product development. 

Energy Conservation

One of the most important aspects for the modern buildings is to reduce energy consumption and contribute in preventing global warming. Most of the contemporary offices in Indian cities use a lot of energy for cooling. By smartly controlling the solar heat passing through the transparent parts of the façade is instrumental in eliminating the occurrence of over-heating in old as well as new buildings. This is where the high-performance shielding solutions from Hunter Douglas lead to massive energy savings alongside promoting the health and wellness of the building’s occupants. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hunter Douglas has launched the ‘Keen on Green’ initiative to reduce energy consumption across all the facilities of the company and we are committed to reduce our energy and water consumption as well as the carbon-footprint. We have adopted the energy efficient frameworks to achieve and manage our ‘Keen on Green’ objectives.

Hunter Douglas and all its employees are actively supporting the communities in which they live and work, and also the global initiatives.