Exterior Sun Control Systems - Benefits & Features - Architectural Product
26 Nov 2021

We humans are very sensitive about the environment we live and work in. Even though we love natural sunlight better than artificial lighting, too much of sun rays inside our living space can make us feel uncomfortable and irritated. Not to mention the dangers of skin exposure to the harmful UV sun rays.

Though sun rays have lots of benefits, they have lots of cons as well.

Too much exposure to sun rays can cause damage, and the light that enters your eyes can influence your thought process and might influence your mood as well.

So, sun rays have a psychological impact on you and can impact your mood and performance. If you want to get a healthy life and work environment, a proper sun control system is essential for you.

Proper sun control makes sure that the right amount of sunlight enters so that your Commercial or residential spaces are safe and pleasant.

However, the question now is, how can you control the light and let the right amount of sunlight enter your room? Is it really possible to do so?

The short answer is YES!

You can literally control the amount of sunlight entering your room using the Hunter Douglas exterior sun control system. With decades of experience in this field, Hunter Douglas has created the perfect product for you.

So let’s now discuss some of the benefits and features of the Hunter Douglas exterior sun control system.

Benefits and Features of the Hunter Douglas exterior sun control system

  • At Hunter Douglas, choices are unlimited, and you do not need to sacrifice any design just because of a size issue. With Hunter Douglas, you get the custom sizes and custom shapes you need.

  • To satisfy your design requirement, you can install Hunter Douglas sun control at horizontal, vertical or any other angle, and you get to choose from materials like aluminium, wood and glass.

  • You get the option to either handle it manually or automate it and schedule it. It’s completely your choice! Their well-engineered operating system comes with fixed, sliding, tilting and many more.

  • All Hunter Douglas sun control systems have gone through a simulated test, and they have already checked their functioning in different weather conditions. From wind to snow, in every weather, they have shown their durability and functioned properly. So, you do not need to worry about the durability and functionality of the product, as Hunter Douglas has already tested them in extreme situations for you.

With the Hunter Douglas Sun control system, you get comfort at its peak.

Sun control systems prevent excess heat from entering your workspace; this saves energy as you would now have a lower power consumption.

So you might wonder how to control heat as the weather changes?

Well, for you, everything is automated, and with an intelligent sun control system, it controls entering heat and light according to different climates and different daylight situations. Also, you can schedule it according to your choice.

Now let’s discuss the wide range of Hunter Douglas sun control systems you can opt for:

Sun Control Systems from Hunter Douglas

Aero Fins

  • With Aerofins sun control system, you get a combination of style and comfort.

  • You get three product options: Aerofoils, Aeroscreen, and Aerobrise.

  • Install as per your needs at any angle to cope with different sun angles. With Aerofins, along with sun control, you get a classy, beautiful and futuristic look. ​

Custom Louver

  • Combination of three architectural elements: Material, technology and design

  • Custom made sun control system designed by skilful and experienced engineers.

  • You get full support from the stage of design to construction.

  • With a custom louver, creativity is at its peak. Get a different design with an effective sun control system that looks beautiful as well.

  • With new material use, experienced engineers, and advanced technology, you are assured of a superior product.​

Linear system

  • Based on roll-formed or single-skin panels, it is one of the classic Hunter Douglas sun control systems.

  • It can be horizontally projected or vertically projected; you get lots of variety with sizes and angles.

  • Relatively cost-friendly solution for you, easy to install, durable and easy to maintain.

  • This is an environmentally friendly solution that contains no pollutants, and aluminium is 100% recyclable.

  • Reduces thermal radiation and energy consumption effectively.


  • Provide shading, thermal performance, and privacy control to your interior space

  • Make the building stand out as they provide an exceptional look to the building.

  • Environmental friendly: contains no pollutants.

  • If you have been scouting for an economical, easy to transport and install, and easy to maintain solution, the shutter is the right choice.

  • Provide you with diversified materials and colour offerings so that you can customise the design according to your choice.

To sum up the above points, we can surely state that, you can control the amount of sunlight coming into your room and the heat to easily keep your mood at its peak state by opting for exterior sun control systems.

And Hunter Douglas provides you with a world-class solution in daylight regulation and solar heat control that you can control with your mobile, schedule it or even automate it.

So, if you want to control light and heat accurately and make your work and life environment customised according to the climate, go for the Hunter Douglas exterior sun control systems.