Enjoy More Lighting Control With the Right Window Shadings
05 Nov 2021
Different weather, different issues!
Summer is probably one of the seasons where there are a lot of vacations and fun activities. It allows you to enjoy morning weather which otherwise cannot happen in summer. 
The early summer morning has a different feeling; people are jogging, the sun rays are healthy, and even if you are working at that time, you feel fresh. For us, early summer morning are the best time to drink a coffee with a novel. You get the best retention of knowledge, And at the same time, feel fresh and recharged for the day ahead, because natural light is the best at mornings. 
But as the day proceeds, the sun shows its real power, and the scorching heat and rays start irritating you. And most probably, you might be completely going into a blackout and switching the light on trying to block maximum sunlight.

But would you like a system that excellently controls how much light should enter the room To have a pleasant indoor environment and also use the natural sunlight, along with saving electricity?
If yes, then you are at the right place! To use natural light efficiently in all seasons and reduce the consumption of Electricity, we have an awesome collection of window shades for you.
Features of Hunter Douglas Window Shades
● Made of excellent quality fabric, which ensures durability for years.
● Light control at its best with Allowing you to switch from, from translucent to blackout. You can choose accordingly to get the best result.
● Available in horizontal and vertical design so that you can choose As per your convenience 
● Customized fittings as per window size, for wide range of shades and colours.. We have lots of shades and different colours to choose from. So you can choose the design as per your liking.
● Some of the products not just control light but also absorb sound.
● Provide excellent insulation and reduce heat flow at the window, providing maximum protection from UV rays from UV rays.
● Easy to install.
● With the Hunter Douglas POWERVIEW® Automation system, you can automate the process. Control your window shades from anywhere you want with the help of your mobile, and you can also automate them.
● And its intelligence system will work Adjust itself according to the weather.
● Reduce the heat entering the room, thus keeping the room cool, especially during summer and decreasing electricity consumption.
● Some of the window shades look simple yet give a classy look to your workspace or home in general. Some of the shades also give your home a luxurious look.
Options of Window Shades for you to Choose From
1. Pirouette® shades
● Looks great from the inside, maintains your privacy, and yet you do not need to completely isolate yourself from the outside view. It is designed such that it lets you enjoy the outside view while maintaining your privacy.
● Its unique design lets you control the light efficiently.
● Use the natural light by spreading the light throughout the room instead of concentrating on a particular area.
● Pirouette® shadings are available with semi-opaque as well as room-darkening fabric opacities.
● It is available in a wide range of colours and shades.
● It keeps you safe from UV rays as it blocks 81% of the harmful rays with the vanes open, while closed vanes block 99% of UV rays.
● Compatible with Hunter Douglas POWERVIEW® Automation system.
2. Silhouette® Shades
● It gives a stylish look to your window. 
● Even the harshest sunlight gets smoothly transformed into softly diffused light, hence giving your room or workspace a beautiful and calm light effect.
● The well-constructed fabric gives you the flexibility to create a variety of moods by controlling the amount of light, filtering out brightness, glare, and UV rays. It also reduces the heat entering your room by 25%.
● Filter out 99% of harmful sun rays.
● Compatible with POWERVIEW® Automation system.
3. Sonnette™  Cellular Roller Shades 
● Designed with two fabric layers and softly curved contours, which provide added insulation and a gentle glow to your window.
● Available in different fabric options with different colours and options like semi-opaque and room-darkening options.
● The seamless operating system enables you to control shades with the touch of a finger.
● Compatible with Hunter Douglas POWERVIEW® automation system.
4. Duette® Honeycomb
● Original cellular shade provides energy efficiency in all types of weather. It traps air in distinct pockets, thus creating insulation and helping reduce your energy consumption.
● Duette® shades come in in an expansive range of pleat sizes, fabrics, colours, opacities and textures.
● Its fabric is moisture resistant, and you can operate it seamlessly. It provides versatility and is the perfect solution for unusual shapes and window types, from round to large windows.
Using natural light is an art, and the best artist for this is Hunter Douglas. We have years of experience and provide top-class window shades. 
Controlling natural light according to the weather and making it comfortable for you is not that easy. Hunter Douglas designers over the years have worked on the design to create best in class design that looks good and efficiently spreads light. It uses natural light in a way that does not irritate you. The materials and fabric used is the best in the industry and is designed by local designers, keeping local preferences and country specific options in mind.
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