Roller Blinds that makes your window look classy and stylish

Different Style Roller Blinds for Home and Office in 2021
20 Mar 2021
This is the age of sustainability combined with style and comfort. As you might already be aware that one of the key factors in determining the sustainability, style and comfort of your living and work spaces is the way you use window shades.

As a leading international brand in the arena of window shades, Hunter Douglas has consistently innovated and created remarkable solutions that provide the best of eco-friendly luxury that you could ever wish for. In 2021, we introduce you to our extensive range  of Roller blinds. Let’s start by taking a look at Hunter Douglas Designer  Roller Blinds for your home because as the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.”


Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Blinds are the most fashionable and function rich roller blinds that you can find for your home.

We have created an award winning XL Roller Blind which can turn your large feature windows into a delightful display of style and comfort. These blinds are a perfect combination of easy lifting with manual or motorised controls with a vast range of designs and colours. 

Since we know that privacy and light control are the primary reasons for you to opt for window shades, we have ensured that you get optimum light control without losing the benefits of integrating natural light to illuminate your living spaces. We offer roller blinds made of luxurious fabrics and design options that can elevate the sophistication of  any room in your home. 

You can play with the light by choosing between sheer, semi-transparent, translucent or dim-out fabrics. Integrating these blinds with our revolutionary Pebble Controller allows you to enjoy the comfort of automated window shades.


Hunter Douglas Roller  Blinds make a great  impact on the interior comfort even if it is a small office or a large public building. Nowadays, it is a popular practice to create modern buildings with large glazed surfaces that offer a crucial link with the outside world. At the same time, such surfaces also put greater burden on the thermal environment of the building interiors. 

The interior environment and working condition of the occupants in schools, hospitals and office complexes can be significantly improved by integration of advanced solar shading systems from Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas® EOS® 500 

This range of Hunter Douglas Architectural roller blinds can be used in almost any new construction or a renovation project. These are made of sleek, flame-retardant, recyclable fabrics which retain their shape. These roller blinds come in highest-performing fabrics in thermal insulation which can help in scoring higher on Green Building Certification. The operating system is supple and maintenance free. The usage of modular components allows faster and simple installation.

These roller blinds offer two options: 1. A transparent range, and 2. a black out project range. Both of these fabric ranges are built using the same assembly and operating systems. 

External Roller Blinds

Our professionally crafted, made to measure external roller blinds are an innovation aimed at improving indoor environment quality and energy conservation. You can select them to create comfortable, healthy and productive environments alongside reducing energy consumption in air conditioning. Our expert project support team is always ready to offer you analysis, visuals, and design optimisation for different projects to ensure absolute peace of mind.

The Hunter Douglas External Roller Blinds are competitively priced, durable, low maintenance and easy to install with significantly reduced operating costs. Thus, the overall thermal and visual comfort of these blinds is further enhanced by a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

You can use our range of external roller blinds to suit almost any building. You can use them discreetly or as a feature to provide an extra finishing touch to the building façade. These are known to reduce internal heat gain by up to 90% and can reduce the internal light level by up to 97%.

If you have any queries or concerns about the various Hunter Douglas Roller Blind options for your home or office then you can simply connect with our experts and they will provide you all the information desired as well as guide you to choose the  best product for your home or office!