Benefits of Solar Shading & Sun Control Systems in contemporary architecture
28 Jan 2022
Whether it is a commercial building or a residential complex, the comfort of occupants is the prime aspect considered while designing building by architects. 

India, the country is entirely into the northern hemisphere. Here, in the northern hemisphere, the sun is always to our south. That means whichever wall is facing south-west direction will receive the most sunlight and heat as well. The occupants comfort cannot be compromised even if the rooms or windows are facing the direction of maximum sun light & heat i.e. south-west direction.

The productivity of occupants inside a home, office, school or college building may get affected due to heat and thereby significant increase in air conditioning cost to maintain the ambient temperature. These air-conditioning costs are recurring in nature and need to pay throughout the life of building.

In this blog, let’s see some of the benefits of the sun shading system

Benefits of Sun Shading & Control Systems

01 Saves Electricity

India being a tropical country, Solar shading or Sun control products signifies and aim to achieve a right balance between energy efficiency, ventilation and privacy requirements and day lighting. Simply by designing a building considering solar path and optimum usage of solar control devices, a house can reduce its heating and cooling costs by 85%.

Generally, about 15% of household electricity usage comes from lighting. The more natural light you have in your house, the less lights you have to turn on, and the less electricity you use. 

Sunlouvers help in providing diffused day light and saves recurring electricity costs.

02 Productivity Improvement at low cost

For any business enterprise, the main aim is to generate the profit. Traditionally profitable businesses are those who are efficient in controlling costs, reducing cost overruns and maximise the human potential. The ambient office environment helps the employees to work to their fullest potential. But sometimes, due to the excessive heat, they are not able to concentrate on work and brings down their productivity. By using the efficient Sun louver system and building design, these problems can be solved and we can harness the sun to occupant’s maximum benefit and achieve goal of enhancing employee productivity at lower cost.

03 Natural Light

Solar shading devices cut the direct heat coming inside the building envelope during 9 am to 5 pm (solar heat control period) and provides diffused day light which reduces need to turn on the light during the day time. By using sun control products, you can control the amount of light entering your environment, thus maximising the usage of natural light and reducing the use of artificial light. Hunter Douglas sun control products promote the use of healthy daylight without the hindrances of glare and thermal discomfort to occupants.

04 Exceptional architectural feature 

The sun louver or sun control systems are designed as ‘architecturally appealing products’ and provides a distinct architectural feature to the building. It also acts as a vision barrier and adds to the depth and dimensions of the building. To make the building look really exclusive architect can choose from the range of Hunter Douglas products, various sizes & depth of fins and modules, unique perforations, dimensions are available. The screen façade or ventilated louvers also helps to hide unwanted services, prevent bird entries and helps in passive cooling by maximising the air changes in the building ventilation. It also helps in maintaining privacy of occupants to great extent.

Our system can be installed at vertical, horizontal or any angle as per the design requirements of our customers. The Fixed type, Manual moveable and automatic louver control are also available. The Louver finishes offered are plain colours, metallic finishes and a range of wood finish coatings on aluminum which is a substitute to real wood.

Our sun control products helps building to look really exceptional and exclusive thereby high life-style quotient benefits to its occupants and they generally take pride in showcasing their property or building as landmark and helps in generating higher rental revenues for commercial property developers.

05 Sustainable & Green 

Taking cue from the energy, cost efficiency and resulting into lower operational costs and the particulars are highlighted in the article content. Further, Hunter Douglas sun louvers, sun control systems and ventilated facades helps in maintaining ‘Good Indoor Air Quality’ and helps in “energy efficiency and energy savings and lower maintenance costs. 

Hunter Douglas Sun louvers are Greenpro certified products and helps owners / developers in obtaining the green building certification and thereby maximizing FSI potential and help in making the project feasible.

06 High-quality material

The evolution of sun louvers has started from stones canopies, brick honey comb walls, Timber, concrete fins, steel, terracotta, aluminum.  The aluminum is most preferred material for sun shading and control products due to its longevity, less weight but high strength ratio helps in high wind / weather resistance, it is easy in installation and zero maintenance costs.

Our wide range of sun lovers and sun control products are able to meet constantly evolving architectural, functional needs. 

The range of sun louver applications has expanded with improved materials, products, design, manufacturing and erection capabilities.