Beautify Your Smart Homes with PowerView®️ Automation

Beautify Your Smart Homes with PowerView®️ Automation
27 Oct 2020
This is the age of smart homes powered by digital technology. From setting the air-conditioning or heating levels to adjusting the brightness of the lights, the modern smart homes take care of all basic needs and functionalities of your home, giving you complete and touchless control over your living spaces.

Hunter Douglas understands your lifestyle and the need for utmost comfort. That’s why we have created a unique, stylish and cutting-edge technology-driven PowerView®️ Automation system which can take care of your window coverings automatically and smartly. Whether you have Venetian window blinds, Roller window blinds or any other form of window shades, this revolutionary system works perfectly with almost all types of window coverings with equal ease. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the various features of this technology:

Features of Hunter Douglas PowerView®️ Automation

Convenience: Hunter Douglas PowerView®️ Automation turns your windows into truly world-class smart windows. The innovative and beautiful system allows you to set schedules for opening or closing your Venetian window blinds, Silhouette®️ Window Shadings, or even the curtain systems as per your preference. The wireless system gives you complete freedom to create desired lighting ambience, privacy or to enjoy the external views without any need to walk up and fiddle with the cords. 

Visual aesthetics: Hunter Douglas PowerView®️ App allows you to create customized settings controlling all the window blinds in any manner that you want. You can set an automatic schedule to allow the shades to move up and down automatically in accordance with the daylight and create a perfect morning/evening visual aesthetic for your home effortlessly.

Natural alarm: Are you also one of those people who love to wake up fresh in the morning without the noisy alarms and their snoozes? Hunter Douglas PowerView®️ Automation brings the natural wake up routine back into your life with the option to set timers to your blinds. If you wish to wake up at 7.30 AM, all you need to do is to schedule it. The window blinds will automatically and silently open at that hour, letting the sunlight enter your bedroom and making you wake up naturally to a cheerful morning. 

Smart controllers: The PowerView®️ Automation system is not only extremely efficient when it comes to offering you convenience and ease of controlling all your window blinds, but, it also offers stunning design and cutting edge technology. The whole system is controlled by a sleek hub that easily connects to your home WiFi network. The stylish hub controls all window installations, stores your settings and operates the blinds as per the settings. We also bring to you a small signal enhancer known as The Repeater which unobtrusively fits into any power socket to extend the signal range of your window controller and make the signals stronger throughout the house.

Always on your fingertips: This futuristic technology can be operated with utmost ease through an integrated smartphone app created to work seamlessly with your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Wherever you are in the world, you can always seamlessly operate and control your home window treatments with equal ease. You no longer need to worry about having forgotten to close your window blinds before leaving home for the vacation.

To know further about the incredible PowerView®️ Automation for your different home window coverings such as Venetian window blinds, Window Shades, Honeycomb Shades or Roller Window blinds, all you need to do is to contact our experts and they will make the whole process of purchasing and installing the blinds as convenient and smart as the blinds themselves are!