Beautiful Living, Smart Living
19 Dec 2019


Do you remember a time when cinema halls had curtains that, when drawn open, heralded the beginning of the main show? Now picture your home where you can appreciate the view and experience light exactly how you want it, no matter the time, just by the press of a button. Or better still, it just happens. Magically! Automatic window blinds, in a new and fresh avatar.


Bring Scenes To Life


Having to deal with harsh light isn’t much fun. But neither do most people want to keep their homes in relative darkness during daylight hours. So whether your window coverings include sheers, blinds, drapes, or a combination thereof, imagine being able to create an ambience that reflects the passage of time through the day. Follow a few simple steps, and voila, your blinds will adjust automatically, moving only at the time you’ve chosen.


That’s the control PowerView® Motorization brings. This innovative, wireless system for window blinds was awarded the Red Dot Design Award – the most coveted accolade in the world of design – in 2018. It allows you to programme blinds to operate independently of each other, and automatically move to the exact position you want, at the time you want. Perfect lighting, convenience, and energy conservation all rolled into one. 


Smart Home, Smarter Living


This precise and convenient control can be effected via the Pebble Control, voice commands using devices from Amazon, or the Apple® and Android™ compatible PowerView® App for smartphones and tablets. Alongside the convenience of cordless operation, the system creates a safer environment for homes with young children and pets.


Pebble® and Surface Remote – Central to the PowerView® Motorisation system is the easy-to-use, hand-held or wall-mounted remote that lets you control and adjust a single-window covering, or that for an entire room.


The Pebble Control offers a contemporary alternative to a traditional remote control. You can pre-set and operate up to half-a-dozen different combinations of settings for your window blinds with just a press of a button. Ergonomically designed and beautiful to look at, the Pebble is available in a range of modern colours.


Additionally, when your smartphone or tablet isn’t within reach, the Pebble Scene Controller can be used to trigger pre-programmed settings on-demand. Both are also available as Surface Controls that can be affixed to a wall.


Voice Recognition – If you can use voice recognition to play music, why can’t the same facility be used to control your window blinds? The PowerView system can be synchronised with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri®, or the Google Assistant, and integrated with smart-home systems to activate the window settings you’ve programmed in, hands-free.


PowerView App – Using the App on your smartphone or tablet, you can create and schedule customized room settings that allow your window blinds to move to your preferred positions during the course of the day. You can even schedule settings to move with the sunrise or sunset based on your location.


For the ultimate in convenience, the PowerView® Motorisation system is the perfect way to manage your shades whether you’re home or on holiday.