A Quick Guide To Hunter Douglas Roller Window Shades

A Quick Guide To Hunter Douglas Roller Window Shades
20 Jun 2020
Roller Window Shades by Hunter Douglas are anything but ordinary. Through the combination of beautiful textiles and functional technology, Hunter Douglas' Roller Window Shades offer a whole new level of light control and style.

What are the key features & benefits of Roller Shades?

  • Light control - Roller Shades eliminate the glare and regulate the amount of sunlight in rooms. Different openness on fabrics regulates the level of light intensity indoors.
  • Energy control - Roller Shades optimize total energy performance in a building by reducing the usage of cooling systems.
  • Protection from UV and glare from sunlight - Roller shades block out the harmful UV and let in the right amount of light indoors.

What fabric opacity options are available for Roller Window Shades?

Hunter Douglas Window Shades are available in four fabric opacity options:
  • Sheer
  • Semi-transparent
  • Translucent
  • Dim-out

Hunter Douglas Roller Shades come in the following types:

  • Optimascreen® - Optimascreen Roller Shades are available in polyester fabric.
  • Helioscreen - Helioscreen Roller Shades are made of fibreglass fabric.
  • GreenScreen® - GreenScreen Solar Shading Fabrics are made of environmentally friendly fabric that is free of PVC materials and is easily recyclable.
  • Designer Roller Shades - Designer roller shades are available in various options of light filtering fabrics as well as in basic blackout fabrics.

Optimascreen® Roller Shades - Features
  • It is made up of polyster fabric.
  • Optimascreen® Roller Shades preserves an indoor air quality with an odourless, VOC-free construction and anti-microbial properties. (VOC - Volatile Organic Compound).
  • Optimascreen® Roller Shades offer more than 50% in energy saving costs while having an effective thermal comfort indoors.
  • It allows a full view of the outside and provides visual comfort to the occupants inside.

Helioscreen Roller Shades - Features
  • It is made up of fibreglass fabric. The fibreglass fabric is made of fibreglass strands, making it naturally fire-resistant, dimensionally stable, resistant to expansion and stretching from heat.
  • The strong and durable nature of Helioscreen Roller Shades make it suitable for usage under harsh weather conditions and temperature.
  • The weatherproof fabric makes Helioscreen Roller Shades perfect for outdoor usage.
  • Helioscreen Roller Shades offer up to 90% protection from UV and solar heat. The shade provides an excellent view of the outdoors while blocking direct sunlight.

GreenScreen® Solar Shading Fabrics
  • GreenScreen® Roller Shades are made of PVC free materials that is easily recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • The fabric is odorless (no VOC emission) and thus makes for a healthy working environment.
  • Its low smoke emission allows occupants to head for safety during emergency operations making it perfect for enclosed rooms.

Designer Roller Shades/ Blinds - Features
  • Designer Roller Window Blinds are available in two fabric options viz. Basic Translucent & Basic Blackout
  • The basic translucent fabric is available in various options of light filtering fabric thus allowing for soft diffused light indoors.
  • The basic blackout fabric completely blocks off light and glare from entering rooms and offers full privacy.
  • Designer Roller Window Blinds are available in a wide range of true strong colours.

How to operate Roller Window Shades?

Hunter Douglas Roller Window Shades come with the options of the following control systems:
  • EOS™ 500 Roller Blind System - Operation with a stainless steel chain and the patented universal clutch is most convenient for medium-sized individually controlled blinds. Universal for left or right-hand chain operation, easy to change operation side. Locking device for easy installation and safe use. Standard 1:1 gear ratio and 1:1.75 or 1:3 for reduced operating force on larger blinds.

  • EOS PowerView® Automation - This brilliant wireless operating system gives you the power to control or schedule your Roller Window Shades via remote control or through an app on your smartphone.