A Guide to Buying Window Blinds – Different Options for Different Areas of the Home

A Guide to Buying Window Blinds – Different Options for Different Areas of the Home
03 Dec 2020

Are you redoing your home interiors and want to drape your windows with something more stylish and feature rich than the good old curtains? If window blinds are what you have in mind then you need to carefully look at the peculiarities of each part of your home and buy the blinds that suit the need. Unlike the past, high quality modern blinds have become diverse and far more stylish. Let’s find out more!

Choosing blinds according to the room –Things to keep in mind


The Hunter Douglas Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades are a prime example of the innovation and styling that can transform any home. These combine the traditional style of Roller Window shades with highly energy efficient construction. We have meticulously crafted them using two layers of fabric and soft curved contours which not only please the eyes, but also offer greater insulation and create a pleasant diffused glow of natural light at the window.

The Sonnette Cellular Shades come in four fabric options which offer great colour varieties ranging from the all-time favourite shades like whites and neutrals to vibrant hues. You can choose semi-opaque or blackout options as per your individual preferences. If you want to bask in the sunlight without losing out on the privacy then you can choose the semi-opaque option or go for the  room-darkening fabric which keeps peeping eyes and sunlight out. 


We have integrated our LiteRise cordless operating system to efficiently control these shades with the mere touch of a finger. Alternatively, we have our SoftTouch Motorization which is an unmatched battery-powered system which is controlled by a simple and intuitive wand controller. For those who wish to take convenience to an altogether new level, our PowerView®️ Automation offers a fully automatic experience and it can be controlled through the PowerView®️ App on your mobile phone. You can set schedules and preferences which the smart controller stores in its memory and operates these Cellular Shades automatically every day. 

Living Room 

We have ample options to cover your living room windows with. The lovingly crafted Hunter Douglas Modern shades offer you timeless beauty and contemporary fashion appeal alongside excellent light and privacy control and an ability to merge with every décor seamlessly. 

During the winter days when the fuzzy sunlight lifts the interior ambience and mood, you can keep these  open through our PowerView®️ Automation and schedule the blinds to be closed unobtrusively and automatically as the shadows lengthen and day turns into night. 

Home Office

While study rooms and work areas have always been a part of the homes for most of us, the prevalent pandemic scenario has made it necessary to have a fully functional and comfortable home office in place. Our vertical blinds and Luminette help you in creating the perfect home workplace integration. You can use them in various ways such as covering up the large floor-to-ceiling windows or even normal windows. 

These are very easy to operate even in the manual mode, but, with us, you have the option of adding the PowerView Automation system which lets you control and schedule them through an integrated smartphone app. 

Other areas

Our extensive range of roller window shades is ideal for almost every part of your home. If you have kids, pets or elderly parents living with you then these automatically operated cordless blinds can prove to be completely safe for them. They come in a wide range of colour and opacity options that offer ultimate light control and privacy. They offer luxurious fabric and design options that can not only cover your windows, but make them pieces of attraction for your visitors. Like with the other products on this list, our roller window blinds also come with various controlling options ranging from manual to completely automatic operation through the PowerView Automation. These blinds come with an award winning stylish Pebble Controller which is a masterpiece of technology and styling by itself. 

To further explore and order our extensive range of designer roller blinds, Venetian window blinds, fabric Roman blinds or automatic curtain systems, you can click here and make your choice today!