4 World Class Window Shades To Transform Your Home in 2021

4 World Class Window Shades To Transform Your Home in 2021
06 Feb 2021
No modern house is complete without good quality window shades. They serve a number of purpose and offer benefits that every household needs. You can cover your windows with options like Honeycomb window shades, Venetian Blinds or Roller blinds, and reduce the amount of solar glare and enhance privacy in your living spaces. Through this article, let’s take a look at 4 world class window shades that Hunter Douglas has specially crafted for your home.

Duette®️ – Limitless Comfort Options

Hunter Douglas Duette®️ Honeycomb Shades the iconic original cellular shades. We have engineered them with great precision to ensure energy efficiency and add beauty to your homes in both winter and summer seasons. The uniqueness of these honeycomb window shades lies in the ability to trap air in separate pockets, resulting in great heat insulation that can easily reduce your home’s energy consumption on heating and cooling in winter and summer respectively.
When it comes to design and style, there is literally no limit to the options you have in terms of pleat sizes, fabric types, colours, opacities and texture of the fabric. Not only that you get innovation in operation system design but also you can choose from Design options like Duette®️ Duolite to make them fit smugly on any window or skylight even if it is an arch or a circular window. We bring them in single-cell as well as the market leading Duette Architella style which has a unique honeycomb inside a honeycomb design to further improve energy efficiency.

Silhouette®️ – Mastery in Light Transformation

Hunter Douglas Silhouette®️ Window Shadings have led the light diffusion technology for more than 25 years courtesy of its specialty fabrics which can scatter harshest of sunlight into pleasant ambient lighting. These sheer fabric shades have no cords or tapes which allow an easy outside view through the vanes alongside maintaining discreet privacy. These magnificent shades feature adjustable S-shaped vanes which will make you feel as if they are floating between two sheer fabrics. You can tilt them to get the light and privacy levels that you desire.

These shades also act as sunscreen for your room’s interior and can offer UV ray protection that blocks up to 88% of the harmful solar rays (when vanes are open).

Pirouette®️ – The Bold and the Beautiful

Hunter Douglas Pirouette®️ Window Shadings are an ideal option to transform the look and feel of conventional fabric shades. They have softly contoured fabric vanes that seem to open and close magically and give you absolute control over light and privacy. The path-breaking InvisiLift system lets the  vanes float stylishly on a single sheer fabric backing. You can flatten or set the vanes in any position to get the view you want. 

These shades offer 81% UV rays filtering with open vanes and 99% when vanes are closed. You can choose semi-darkening or black out fabrics with these shadings. They are designed and custom-crafted in the US and ensure top of the line quality.

Luminette®️ – Innovation that Allows you to Do More

Hunter Douglas Luminette®️ Privacy Sheers are a wonderful combination of sheer fabric with soft, vertically rotating vanes which are attached to the back of the sheer. Thus, you get the magical beauty of sheer drapery panels alongside the light control and privacy that you want. By rotating the vanes open, the sheer fabric can diffuse harsh sunlight into soft and pleasant natural light and you can also rotate the vanes to channel the light to the area that you desire.

You have numerous trendy fabric options and the UV ray filtering of these sheer window shades enhance the beauty and longevity of your furniture and floorings. They come with a super stylish and sleek headrail which conceals the proprietary SofTrak hardware system and adds elegance to your windows. You can also make them operate wirelessly through our PowerView®️ Automation system and enjoy luxury that can only be experienced.

Essentially, whatever your style is, we have the perfect window coverings for you! Just give us a call or contact our sales team online to know more!