​Automate your window shades with smart home technology
28 Oct 2022
The windows in your house are more than just a way to let light into your living room. They can make or break the overall indoor environment of your home, and we all know how important that is.

Windows are essential parts of your home, so ensuring they're working correctly is vital. Gone are the days when humans had to open and close them manually. It was backbreaking work.

Luckily, with today's technology, there are now wireless window systems available that can automate this process for you.

With a wireless window system like Hunter Douglas’s PowerView, you can rest assured knowing that your windows will always be closed when they should be and open when they should be. It ensures that you won't have any issues with bugs or pet hair getting into your home through cracks in the window frames. 

Why use a window automation solution?

The PowerView® window automation system is designed to make your life easier and more efficient. Following are some of the reasons to use the automation solution.


Bright windows save you time and effort.

With the help of intelligent window automation, you can control all your windows without moving an inch. You only need a smartphone and a voice-activated device such as Google Assistant or Siri.

You can also use smart devices as remote controllers for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen window. Alerts and notifications are sent on your smart device when a window has completed an open/close operation.


Your blinds are no longer just a way to block out light. They can be your friend and companion, helping you get through your day with ease. With PowerView® automation, you can set your blinds to open in the morning to enjoy the sunshine or close them at night when it gets dark outside. 

You can even program them to adjust their height in the afternoon, so they're perfect for any time of day!

PowerView® automation is the next step in window shade technology.

Easy to control

PowerView® Automation is the smart solution to your window-shade problem.

It's no secret that controlling your window shades can be a pain in the butt. Whether you're trying to get up close and personal with your window shades or just looking for an easy way to shut them down, PowerView® Automation has you covered.

The system allows you to use the application or remote control to operate your window shades with just one tap, so you can quickly shut them without touching them. You can even place a remote near the window and use it to close the curtains with just one press of a button.

Easy to install

PowerView® Automation is easy to install and maintain.

If you're looking for an automated window treatment system that's simple to install, operate and maintain, look no further than PowerView® Automation. With PowerView®, you'll get the benefits of a motorized window treatment without having to deal with complicated wiring or programming.

Summing it up

PowerView® Automation System is the best window wireless automation system in the industry. We provide everything it needs for a seamless experience for our customers.

Our shades are designed to be easily installed and perfectly integrated with your windows, providing a seamless experience that makes your life easier and hustle-free. With more offices and homes in India becoming intelligent, this will perfectly integrate your smart home and make homes and offices smarter.