Ultimate versatility in a fabric shading

Our Pirouette® shadings feature soft fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing that appear to be floating, drawing natural light into your room. When closed, they look just like a contemporary shade.

With Pirouette® Window Shadings, the look and feel of a traditional fabric shade is improved: the gentle pull of a cord lets you change a room’s lighting in a whole new way. Soft, horizontal fabric vanes expand to filter natural light, or contract to give you a perfect outside view. Our revolutionary Invisi-LiftTM system allows the vanes to float gracefully, and even when opened, offer UV protection and reduced glare through the sheer backing.



Features & Benefits

Open, Contoured and Closed

Easily adjust the vane position to create your desired look-open for maximum view through, contoured for a gentle cascade, or closed for complete privacy and light control.


Fabric Covered Headrail and Bottom Rail

To finish your look with uninterrupted color and texture, a matching fabric-covered headrail and bottom rail is standard on all Pirouette® window shadings.


The patented Invisi-LiftTM system allows vanes to be raised and lowered without obstructing your view.

Operation System

Hunter Douglas offers a wide array of innovative lifting system options for enhanced child and pet safety as well as especially easy operation.


Our brilliant wireless operating system gives you the power to control and schedule your Hunter Douglas window treatments via remote control or your mobile device, and creates a safer environment for homes with young children and pets.


Pull down on the rear cord of the cord loop to lower the shading. In the fully lowered position, continue to pull on the rear cord to open the vanes. Pull on the front cord to close the vanes and raise the shading.


Pump the cord out at an angle greater than 25˚ using short strokes. Continue to pull out on the crod at an angle greater than 25˚.  Pump the cord straight down using short strokes.

Note: UltraGlide operation on Pirouette® window shadings is different than on other UltraGlide products. The cord is pulled straight down and out, rather than at an angle across the shading. There is to protect the vanes from being damaged by the cord..



Fabric and Color

Seven beautifully textured fabric style.



Privacy & Light Control
Semi-sheer, no view through, Semi-opaque
Solar Heat Control
Ultraviolet Protection
Sound Absorption
Product Variation
4" or 5"
12" - 144"
15" - 144"