EOS™ – Efficient Drapery System for all homes

EOS™ – Efficient Drapery System for all homes
29 Jan 2021
If we ask you to choose one word which represents the biggest need of the hour then it will undoubtedly be ‘efficiency.’ 

This is where the vast experience of Hunter Douglas in creating world class motorized drapery systems provides you with unmatched quality of product and can give your home windows a luxurious makeover. 

We have the most extensive range of shades and different types of window coverings that you can get at a single point. Whether you are looking for a classic window shade or our advanced and highly innovative EOS™  motorized drapery system solution, we have you covered.

For several decades now, the name of Hunter Douglas has been synonymous with top notch performance, eye-catching aesthetics and innovation that delivers top of the line customer comfort. No wonder, the path-breaking EOS™  Motorized Drapery System has been one of the favourites for all applications in different parts of homes such as guest rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and even children’s rooms.

All of our products are heavy duty and silent performers that work efficiently, reliably and unobtrusively. In fact, our EOS™  drapery system is so smooth that it works like magic due to its state-of-the-art drapery track. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits:

Easy Installation and powerful performance

You can get this amazing system installed in your homes to enjoy an unmatched array of benefits in an absolutely hassle-free manner and it provides the flexibility of motor installation on either side of the track. The sturdy design and high capacity ensures that it can handle almost all types of fabric options and takes loads up to 50 kg. 

Multiple usage options

Operating the advanced EOS™  Motorized Drapery System has never been easier as it offers you diverse control options to choose from. These can be operated at the press of a switch, a remote control and also through integrated touchpad. Depending on your choice, you can get the motor installed on top of the curtains or at the bottom. Despite being advanced and motorized, the system also has a built-in electromagnetic clutch that facilitates manual operation in case of a power failure. 


There is no way that we would have cut corners on creating one of the safest EOS™  Motorized Drapery Systems for your homes. This system has auto-detect points which allow the draperies to slow down smoothly. You can choose between automatic or manual modes at any time. The Intelligent motor control technology is also equipped with a safety stop option and it is applicable in straight as well as a curved track.

The incredibly beneficial EOS™  Motorized Drapery System is the perfect companion for your feature windows. It can be scheduled to open and close automatically thus ensuring that you wake up naturally to the soft morning light filtering in through your windows and cover them to offer complete privacy after the shadows lengthen in the evening. 
Such a high degree of automation and sophisticated operation of your draperies ensures that there is an added dash of style and ‘wow’ factor to your windows. With the new normal requiring you to spend more time at home, it is important that you equip your homes with this technology and improve your living experience!